In recent years companies have shift a large part of their attention from traditional marketing tools such as TV commercials & magazine advertisments to Social Media. Known as the "Blogger Outreach," these corporations look out for active bloggers to promote their brands and products, and create more awareness with their readers.

However, some look upon bloggers the wrong way. I am referring to beauty bloggers in particular. Anyone can be a beauty blogger - just start a blog and post an entry about a product or advertisement an ongoing promotion etc. But we shall leave this discussion for laters.

Some corporations think that by gathering a bunch of beauty bloggers for a tea session, give away a bunch of products and expect us to do damage control for them. Some might think it is a win-win situation - bloggers get FREE stuff; the companies get to save themselves a whole wad of cash, because publication and advertisement cost money.

I was in attendance at such a gathering and was uber disgusted. Sugarcoating your words, and getting a bunch of ladies to "clear the air" for you. Oh and as a 'token of appreciation,' they throw in a bunch of their products for us to try and expect us to come up with a review within a short specific amount of time.

You don't have to be a genius to figure out what's going on - the company had faced a recent scandal and tried to harsh down the situation in the shortest time possible. We are not talking about whose at fault here, the product or a particular group of irresponsible media. They don't matter in this discussion.

As I was saying, there's a recent crisis going on and as such, a gathering was organized at the very last minute. The organizer jumped straight into the main topic without a proper introduction of the brand - threw in a news article of the said scandal, assuring us that there is nothing wrong with their products.

Please DO NOT FLAUNT your wealth! It is arrogant to be showing off your social status. I get that you know so-and-so from a major corporation and you can afford to advertise your products everyday for months at a time. You don't have to harp on it every second. It also shows in your attitude - your sincerity with bloggers like me. "Oh, here are some samples, take it all so we won't need to lug them back." WHAT THE HELL? And given your wealthy status, I guessed it probably slipped your mind to provide a PROPER PRESS KIT?!

Many of the beauty bloggers that I know are well-educated women. We are not bimbos with the only knowledge of applying colors on our faces. We have brains to process whatever brainwashing broth you're trying to brew.

Anyone can be a blogger. Start a blog and work on your area of interest. I have come across numerous beauty blogs that are simply just a platform to get free products. They use the word "FREE" so freaking -freely- that it sounds very offending.

I speak for myself - when I review a product, I give my most honest opinions. My readers agree with that, having sent me emails and telling me about how they love certain products I had reviewed prior. If I like the product, I will state so, and that goes the same for the ones that I don't like. If I encounter a breakout, I will not hestitate to voice out my opinion.

Like many, I do my research online to read on the raves and boo-hoos of a product that I wish to purchase. Companies moderate reviews, so it is hard to judge how good the product is based on the comments at their websites. This is where beauty blogs come in, bloggers like me review products that we have actually tried and tested, and then share with our readers on the products' pros and cons.

Do not expect me to, for lack of a better term, "apple polish" just because companies give me products to try. I am not obligated to write postive reviews, because this is not how I do things here. Readers look upon reviews and take your opinions into consideration for a reason. They value your views enough to purchase a specific product, the least you want to do is mislead them with bogus reviews.

However some blogs that I have come across don't seem to function the same way. And I'm talking about blogs started by Singaporeans so-called "beauty bloggers." When you are given a product to review, it means removing the plastic packing, open up the lid and ACTUALLY USE THE PRODUCT! One blogger whom I had attended the same event with, posted up a "review" two days later and proclaimed that she had been using the product for five days! Guess what, all her reviews at her blog are positive. Obvious, much? Another blogger was even more ridiculous - she got a full set of skincare products and posted a review that SAME night.

When it comes to skincare, it takes two weeks to a month before you can tell if the product is effective or not. Although things might work differently with makeup. How in the world can you tell if a moisturizer or serum is good for you after using it once or twice?

If a couple of words/sentences consitute to a review, then why do some of the other genuine bloggers even bother to try the products? There is always a risk of a breakout should the product doesn't agree with our skin. In a sense, we are like guinea pigs, or maybe "Guinea Bloggers."

And I would like to emphasize that getting free products doesn't give anyone the right to call a beauty blogger "Cheapskate." I resent the fact that some bloggers putting the word "FREE" everywhere on their blogs. "Free Massages! Things I get for Free! Free this, Free that!" What's worst is that when I am offering my readers a chance to experience a therapy treatment, other bloggers who are offering the same treatment goes all "FREE MASSAGE! COMMENT IF YOU WANT FREE MASSAGE" blasted all over their webspace. It makes you sound CHEAP, and directly projecting the same image to me and my blog!!

Thank You for reading. I hope this entry will have you understand me better. I intend to blog, review and share stuff as long as I have readers. Having such bloggers that "spoil the market" is absolutely unacceptable! Guess being a Libra and expecting things to be on the same scale-level makes me a bitch sometimes, but that doesn't mean I am wrong.

I would like to apologize to my body for keeping such angst within for so long, hence my recent breakout. It feels good to have said my piece and release the "heatiness" out of my system. Let's all enjoy some Milo time, which was taken earlier this afternoon~.

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  • ken
  • yeah.. anyone can be a blogger.. it's quite a trend this days.. but mostly writes about their life.. so should they still call themselves as "blogger" or "online diary writer"? =)
  • I'm writing specifically about beauty bloggers and their social responsibilities. If you can't write a proper review, then get off that radar, don't give misinformation without even trying the products.

    AtelierGal 於 2010/08/11 23:25 回覆

  • Iris
  • I agree with much of what you wrote. I follow many local beauty blogs through my Google Reader but there are actually only about five that I actually like and respect. There have been many occasions where I read a post by a local blogger and couldn't help laughing and thinking to myself, you call that blogging?!

    But I believe that readers are smart enough to judge for themselves which are the credible and well-written blogs. And different blogs cater to different categories of readers, so to each her own :-)
  • I know what you mean, copy & paste a couple of sentences of the product description, add in a few words voila - a review!

    AtelierGal 於 2010/08/12 09:26 回覆

  • Shirleen
  • I love what you have written and totally agreed with you. I personally hate being pushed to complete a post with such a short deadline, thinking that by throwing products to us, we will do anything for them. Are we desperate for the products? NO!!

    And I also hate the copycat bloggers! Put them into the cage please!
  • I agree - imposing a deadline is a turnoff, especially when it comes to skincare products. Unless they can make miracles overnight LOL

    Babe, they "can't be tamed!" =/

    AtelierGal 於 2010/08/12 09:28 回覆

  • Dee
  • Right on dear, I totally feel you on that. Which is why I adore your blog so much. You're always honest and never hesitate to tell how you feel about a certain product. I think that all beauty writers/bloggers should be like that. I don't understand how some can do a review a day or two after they've received something, and not even testing it out! It really makes the rest of us look bad when we're here making sure we test the product long enough to see results (if there are any), making sure that we've covered most of the questions that might get asked, doing research and taking the time to write drafts, editing and just everything. Its actually quite a bit of work that goes into that others don't realize.

    I hope you feel better letting it out. Rub Milo's tummy for me<3
  • Amen!

    The ASSBUTT sends his regards ^^

    AtelierGal 於 2010/08/12 09:29 回覆

  • Jenn
  • Great issue you've brought up! Thank for taking he time to rant! If only ranting will give us better skin! & I love how you include Milo at the end to wrap things up nicely! Good!
  • I should have vent it out earlier to avoid those crazy breakouts, eh? Better late than never ^_^

    AtelierGal 於 2010/08/12 09:31 回覆

  • Ri-chan
  • total agree with your post. and its freaking hard to write a beauty review. tried myself to write but seriously if you don't try there's no way can you know how good the product is!!! i only love some of the local beauty bloggers but not all. since most are just copy and paste, I think there are more good beauty bloggers overseas!!!

    Usually i will read through a review before deciding should I get the product anot. I've enuff of outbreaks due to wrong usage of products. :( also allow me to save money. :D that's why I like to read your reviews hehee. but some company just want instant entries that will boost their sales instantly.

    As for therapy treatment, I think its good that you opened up as a contest, it makes your readers think why do they need the therapy. :) and thanks!!! :) I've got a call from them ^_^
  • Enjoy your therapy, let me know how it goes ^_^

    AtelierGal 於 2010/08/12 11:16 回覆

  • Paris B
  • Its not just in Singapore. I'm in Malaysia and I see this a lot in the local beauty blogging scene (and increasingly so). It appears that the "free" bloggers are multiplying at a faster rate than genuine ones sadly enough. Thank you for your opinion on this :)
  • Hi Paris!

    I'm aware that they are many such "bloggers" everywhere. Just take YouTube for example, there's not much credibility when it comes to sponsored products. Some were paid to rave about a product, and they probably didn't even use it.

    What's appalling is that some companies, in a bid to make quick bucks, they do not care much about bloggers' integrity nor their content.

    AtelierGal 於 2010/08/13 09:46 回覆

  • Miss Glitzy
  • Great post, Joyce!! Clap clap clap! This is exactly how I feel about the whole beauty thing these days!
  • Hi babe! Glad we share the same sentiments!

    AtelierGal 於 2010/08/13 11:08 回覆

  • Luna
  • hihi! I'm usually a pretty silent reader, but I felt compelled to respond to your post =) It really summed up a lot of my thoughts about the beauty blogging community nowadays (esp here in Singapore) There's been such a recent spike in blogger outreach that I feel like every other blog/blog post I read is about some event they attended and the products they received. It's getting tedious sifting through the genuinely honest reviews and those that are out to get some freebies. I have to admit it's come to a stage where I "switch off" when I know the blogger is reviewing products she received. Call me cynical, these bad apples are causing me to lose faith. It just comes across like a coordinated advertorial when a whole bunch of bloggers post about a certain event or product within a few days of each other. I've come to only trust a few bloggers now for their honest opinions (including you!) and it saddens me that reading blogs is no longer quite as fun as before o_O
  • Hi Luna! I've been a silent reader at your blog too, mainly because I've stopped using LJ.

    I tend to be more selective after that incident. Such cases teach us to be more street-smart, don't you think?

    When it comes to posting up events, I am "quick" because I tend to have short-term memory. I am not affiliated with any companies except my own principles.

    Thank You for your trust, it just motivates me to write better.

    AtelierGal 於 2010/08/13 11:17 回覆

  • Connie De Alwis
  • Well-written post! Thank you for saying this out loud. You did what I couldn't do though, I've been sneaking similar feelings into my posts. The "free" bloggers are mushrooming in Malaysia and it's sad to see "bloggers" who blog with the intent of getting free stuff. Companies lap them up because they almost always write positive things. It's awfully difficult to find a decent local beauty blogger and it becomes devastating when many of the genuine ones quit blogging due to lack of readership. As shallow as it may seem, readership is a strong motivation but one should gain it by honesty (and a lot of patience!) instead of selling out.
  • Hi Connie! I was just at your blog yesterday (haven't visit it in a long while -_-)

    Paris B also brought it up about the situation in Malaysia. I had draft up this post 3 weeks ago, and was on the verge of giving the whole blogging thing up, to be honest. How can one bullshit to no end about a product without trying, while people like me are "stupid" enough to try them out and experienced breakouts?

    I'm consoled by the fact that some companies do pay attention to genuine bloggers, and are able to judge by the contents they write. Like I told another bloggers, just stick to your principles. That's all that matters at the end of the day ^_^

    AtelierGal 於 2010/08/13 12:59 回覆

  • Jaclyn Rose
  • Hi I found this entry from a retweet. I agree with you on this topic. I feel a lot of beauty bloggers who actually went out and bought every product themselves and tried it then reviewed it are almost long gone. A lot of the bloggers I used to follow from 2 years ago don't blog anymore. Now you see a lot of bloggers nowadays reviewing almost EVERY product that they were given for consideration. I have been given a few products myself and reviewed them but only after testing it for a good amount of time. 90% of the reviews on my blog are still purchased by me and tried and tested before I review anything. it makes you wonder if these bloggers are telling the truth. I mean how can you give an honest opinion on something you didn't buy with your own hard earned cash. I think you would give a real opinion if you bought it with your own money knowing that it's your dollars wasted if the product doesn't actually work. if it was free and it didn't work, you can still give a dishonest review for the purpose of trying to get more free stuff and then just chuck it in the trash because it was free.. basically almost lying to your readers. i know my comment may be all over the place, but i wanted to get my opinion in on this topic.
  • Hi Jaclyn, actually you brought up some good points.

    Many of the products that I have reviewed recently were given to me, and I reviewed them because I WANT TO, and I did use them for an amount of time before posting them up.

    This is how I work: I post up an introductory post on the products and followed by the actual review after an amount of time. Some people still get this mixed up, which I don't blame them because I've only recently trying to sort out my entries.

    Reviewing self-bought & sponsored products, now that can be tricky. Like someone had said prior, it is up to the reader to judge if the reviews counts credibility. I can't speak for the rest, but I intend to keep my blog 'clean' from any kind of beauty blogging politics of any kind, get what I mean?

    What really gets on my nerves are the minority of black sheep who goes around telling others how bad these sponsored products are 3-4 days after receiving them, and not even bother to actually try them.

    Worst of the bunch: do a giveaway of the said sponsored products without permission, and/or announcing a fake giveaway in a bit to get people to comment.

    AtelierGal 於 2010/08/13 12:54 回覆

  • beetrice
  • Very well put. I'm quite appalled by some "bloggers" that use camwhore pics to boost their review numbers - like how is a picture of said person squeezing a facewash in your cleavage show me how effective the wash is?

    Heck, if a product was interesting enough to catch my eye, I'd just go and buy it instead of waiting for a "freebie". So thank you for this, it's nice to know there's still a glimmer of hope. :)
  • Hi Beetrice! The camwhore horror! I think I know who you were referring to: Post a couple pictures of yourself washing your face voila! A review! -_-

    AtelierGal 於 2010/08/13 13:17 回覆