Sometimes I wake up to bleary eyes and bad hair in the morning. What's even more excruciating is the sight of a puffy face - the result of overnight water retention. On regular good days, our bodies' natural lymphatic circulation helps to flush out excess fluids, But like a clogged sewage system, this process can slow down and lead to water rention due to many factors, one most common being the "time of the month."

Other culprits that lead to congestion of face tissues are lack of sleep, stress and poor diet, all of which can result in a bloated appearance.

Adipose tissue on the face
On the face, fat is distributed among 5 main pockets: two on the cheeks, two under the jaw and one under the chin. When fats accumulate in these pockets, the face appears too round and its profile becomes heavier.

Double chin don't grow overnight. Under our chin lies a fat pocket which holds fat cells that's filled with fatty acids and baby fat cells when we put on weight. That's when our face gets fleshier. We all know it's very difficult to get rid of a double chin. The reason - Fat cells in the face are protected by an impregnable protein barrier, which prevents fatty acids from escaping easily once they are produced.

To make matters worse, our skin starts to sag due to the force of gravity over time as we age. Plus, the collagen which is used to keep our skin taut and firm also breaks down. The result - a droopy face that looks undefined and flabby.

Clarins Shaping Facial Lift Lipo-Drain Serum targets three concerns.

It promotes lymphatic circulation that encourages facial tissues to expel excess fluid, reducing puffiness. To slim down a double chin, its blue button flower extract creates "holes" in the protein barrier so fatty acids have a chance to "escape." An Amazon plant extract builds up and strengthens a wall of collagen around the fat pocket inside the chin, stopping it from expanding.

Oat sugars give sagging skin an instant tightening effect, and the serum also firms up collagen over time, making the face more defined.

This serum work effectively using Clarins' "Manual Auto-Lifting" method (a guide comes with every bottle). This involves gently pressing six points on the face - from the forehead to the base of the neck - and is said to increase the serum's benefits by 20 percent. 

This method is a must when using the Shaping Facial Lift regularly. In less than three minutes, it provides an optimal fluid-release action to instantly lighten and reshape the face.

Visible results after 3 weeks, facial contours and features are more defined and refined. Launched in July 2010, this specially researched and developed product for Asian women retails at $98.

Having only used this serum for two days, I can't comment yet if my fishball-shaped face have defined to a perfect, heart-shaped oval. However I felt a slight warmth on my face after applying on the product and using the Auto-Lifting method. I take it that the fats are slowly being burned away, and who says it's wishful thinking to bid adieu to your fishball face? I am looking forward to have a sharper feature like...

...not that I want to look like Milo (lol), but don't you love his facial contours?
Slim and Sharp, a Perfect Silhouette. (^-^)v

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  • Ri-chan
  • tempting tempting.... but ex for my wallet *loooks*
    but milo sure have a sharp face.... *envies* hahah
  • Seems like pooches always have sharp features, except bulldogs XD

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