Some of you might have recalled that I had attended a Hada Labo focus group back in March. And someone feedback to me a while ago that they had learned of the brand's impending launch through my blog. I thank you for reading, and do continue to email me if you have any queries. =)

This afternoon, I attended yet another session which focused on the same product - Hyaluronic Lotion. The two-and-a-half-hour discussion, which took place this time at the White Dog Cafe, was consisted with the same questions asked earlier this year: What is your beauty regime? What do you think of the tag line for the product advertisment? ("One drop locks up an ocean" - 4 months ago I'd thought the line was cheesy and I still stand by that lol)

One significant difference was, now that the range of products have been launched, what do we think of the marketing campaign? Is the advertising eye-catching?

At the end of the session, each participant was given a box consisting of 4 hydrating masks. While I may have changed my view of the Lotion which I will re-visit my review in a later post, my opinion towards this mask remains the same - sticky and unabsorbable for my combination skin. To be fair, I will do a 2nd review~.

We were also given a sample size of Sun Play Powdery White Sunscreen. The one depicted in the photo above is the full-retailed size; the one that was given to me today, I have passed it on to a new friend to try it out☆

I really love the milky, whitish solution, as it not only protects you from harmful UV rays, the sunscreen lotion also makes me ~fairer~

Thank you for reading, and hope everyone will have a nice weekend. I have good things to announce next week, so be sure to bookmark my blog and come back soon! (^-^)v

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