Pure Finish Mineral Powder Foundation SPF 20 PA++
The Elizabeth Arden mineral foundation comes in a compact with a mirror, powder puff and built-in grinder. The foundation itself is a pressed powder. With each use, you just simply turn the grinder to release the amount needed. No waste, no mess.
I like that the compact is sturdy and handy, which makes it very convenient to bring it everywhere with you without spilling the content all over the place. However, the lid doesn't fasten at all, and keeps popping up after I tried to close it in place. Bummer!

02 is the second lightest shade and is a nice match for my fairly light skin tone.

The powder is finely-milled, with a silky smooth and lightweight texture. It feels moisturizing and comfortable on the skin. The foundation also has a blendable and buildable formula that gives a sheer to medium coverage, hence it does not cover my imperfections completely. In my understanding, mineral foundations are better known for providing a natural-looking with a light finish
Here, I am wearing only concealer(with eye makeup, sans bronzer) and the mineral foundation actually gives a soft focus that makes me looking glowy! That picture was not touched up in any way, OK! As the powder settles in my skin, there is this matte luminosity without any use of a highlighter whatsoever. On top of that, it doesn't settle into fine/laugh lines!

The oil control is generally fine though it requires a few touch-ups during the day in this humid climate, for my combination skin type. Another thing to note is that when more layers are applied, you won't get that cakey, powdery look.

Face Powder Brush with Folding Mini Face Brush
The brushes come in a set and are sold separately from the mineral foundation. I have to emphasized that because of the many emails received asking about it lol)

The bristles are made from synthetic hair, and are meant to provide even coverage with its slanted angle design that follows the contours of our face. 
The mini face brush unfolds to perfectly fit into the mineral compact, for on-the-go touch ups.

At first I find it a chore to hold the OMG-SO-BIG handle of the brush, but upon mulitiple usage, I was able to get a firm grip over it. These brushes are amazing and doesn't shed a single strand of hair at all! The bristles are so soft and dense enough to pick up just the right amount for each application.
 How I wish my own hair is as silky, minus the thickness (lol)

One more camwhore picture for your viewing(don't puke) pleasure☆

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  • kelcious
  • Thanks

    **foot print**
    I got something similar from YSL.. The powder is really fine! Will try out this brand once mine finish.. Hope is affordable.
    Thanks for your nanged..
    Nanged back and clicked on ur adv as well. ^^
  • Shanghainese Dumpling
  • Thanks for the review

    Thanks for sharing about that foundation, I always wonder if it looked good on skin :)
  • No problem! You can always try it at your local EA counters. The powder is very finely-milled, even better than most loose powder

    AtelierGal 於 2010/07/15 17:23 回覆

  • Jyoan
  • haha

    I got the Elizabeth Arden cos they had the free brush promotion on magazine too! But I haven't started using anything.
  • There's a free brush promotion?? Hope you like the foundation, it is seriously good!

    AtelierGal 於 2010/08/20 11:07 回覆