First you need instant noodles, cheese slices(duh!) and eggs(optional).

Cook your instant noodles and/eggs, make sure the soup is boiling hot.

Put the cheese in and cover the noodles! The edges of the cheese will melt into the soup. This is super fun to watch!

And then, your noodles will be covered in cheesy goodness!! It’s FREAKING AWESOME!! Some parts of the cheese will melt into a powdery form and it tastes great with the soup. The noodles become very smooth and notice that the cheese helps sweeten the noodles.

Monday night I attended a screening of PREDATORS (read my review) and invited a friend along. But before that we stopped for dinner at PizzaHut and ordered a Couple's Meal.

We both agreed on the Hawaiian, and the crust was so thin that the bottom part so hard it can break our teeth! T-T

The chocolate cake was too dry, and I'm drooling over that brownie from Fika~.

I have been looking for a light bronzer for a natural sun-kissed look, and upon recommendation, I got this:

Revlon ColorStay™ Mineral Blush & ColorStay™ Mineral Bronzer
Contains skin loving minerals that are good for your skin and ColorStay™ longwear technology that lasts for up to 16 hours. This innovative mineral baked powder technology applies easily and blends seamlessly for natural looking, sheer, soft radiant color that won’t streak or fade all day.Formula is non-irritating and fragrance free. Available in 3 Blush and 2 Bronzer shades.

I got it mine in Deep Bronze; when swatched it appears to be a glowy medium bronze with tinges of orange and peach. It looks sheer, and the color above was swatched around 3 times to get the bronzer to show up.

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  • kenwooi
  • i've never tried instant noodles with cheese before! something new..
    will definitely try it =)
  • It's really, really delicious!

    AtelierGal 於 2010/07/07 01:25 回覆

  • kelvin
  • Try tat before, but nearly puke haha XD
    I love cheese but not cheese with soup noodles.
  • Choose a thin slice lah!

    AtelierGal 於 2010/07/07 01:31 回覆

  • Dee
  • I've never heard of cheese and noodles before. I'm not that big of a cheese person, but I'll tell my BF since he likes trying new things, lol. I love Hawaiian pizza! Sucks yours was a bit hard to bite in. ):
  • Yeah, they made the crust TOO THIN, and ended up hardening it =( I love Viva crust, but only applies to home delivery.

    AtelierGal 於 2010/07/08 08:44 回覆

  • Ri-chan
  • would love to try cheese and noodles before hahhaa... =D
    eeekkk hard pizza did you actually feedback to them???
  • No, we just ate the toppings and left the crusts on the plate. Didn't think of it, since we were excited about the movie lol

    AtelierGal 於 2010/07/08 10:37 回覆

  • kelicious
  • Tried..

    I tried this once i get to know it, from taiwan drama!!! Not that fantastic but i am a cheese lover..!! Anyway you can try magnolia vanilla ice cream.
  • Actually I've tried Häagen-Dazs Vanilla with root beer before. Not cheap so I don't do it often

    AtelierGal 於 2010/07/14 21:21 回覆