Thursday I attended yet another event, this time a preview held at Shiseido HQ, before the official launch of AQUALABEL later this month. I apologized for the lack of pictures from that nightbecause my old phone failed to capture anything with a clearresolution, as the lighting was really dim in the presentation room.Notice that I said the word "old." Yep, I've got a new baby, with a camera that is 3x better so expect clearer photos from now on☆

Partcipants were given this slip of paper to determine our skin concerns.

AQUALABEL is a skincare range first launched in Japan in 2006. Specially developed for those who believe that "The Lack of Moisture is the Root of All Skin Evils", this masstige brand is developed by Shiseido Whitening Pioneer with over 100 years of experience and first in the market to formulate Hyaluronic Acid.

Similar to the higher-end Shiseido White Lucent, this whitening range contains M-tranexamic Acid, a powerful ingredient that targets the root of pigmentation problems by inhibiting melanin production.

A moisturising range that is suitable for mature skin, that features key ingredients Collagen Glycerin and Apricot Extract that quench dehydrated skin lacking in elasticity.

An Anti-Acne whitening series that prevents inflammation and development of acne. Effective in minimising melanin accumulation, thus preventing acne and lightening acne scars.

AQUALABEL's series of products are specially formulated with 2 exclusive ingredients - Aqua Synergy & Moist Aqua Keeping Basethat promise to maximise skin benefits and increase skin'sefficacy.With their special "Super-charging Skincare System" (SSS) -this is an exclusive AQUALABEL technology that SINKS X SATURATES XSEALS to infuse skin with an abundance of moisture.

The highlight is the unique inclusion of Aqua Synergy, an exclusive ingredient that blends easily with water and oil to supercharge other effective ingredients into deper layers of skin.

An important thing to note: some of the products are labeled S/R.
S stands for supple, which caters to users with normal to oily/combination skin
R stands for rich, which is suitable for users with normal to dry/dehydrated skin

AQUALABEL White Up Lotion (S/R)
- Preps skin for better absorption of skincare products
- Brightens skin by removing dead skin cells and excess melanin

AQUALABEL White Up Emulsion (S/R)
- Replenishes skin with sufficent amounts of moisture and keeps it locked in
- Super lightweight texture with non-sticky feel

- A powerful "infusion" skincare step that ensures all ingredients from previous skincare products are effectively and maximally absorbed
- Supercharges essential ingredients into deep layers of your skin with high concentrations of Aqua Synergy
- A unique concept to be used as the last step of any skincare routine

AQUALABEL Reset White Mask
- Intensive whitening care mask that brightens skin from within
- Replenishes skin with sufficient amounts of moisture and locks it in
- S-Shaped cuts in mask has lifting effect to skin skin firm

AQUALABEL Perfect Protect Milk UV, SPF50PA+++
- Powerfully blocks harmful UV rays
- Sweat and oil resistant
- No special cleanser required to remove product

During the event, we removed all our makeup in a bid to try the products firsthand. While trying on the AQUALABEL Moist Charge Mask, I took care not to ruin my eye makeup (lol) 

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