Yesterday I attended another Benefit bloggers' event, held at the Sephora Beauty Bar located at Ion Orchard. Being anal about punctuality, I was the first to turn up (lol) I had the chance to browse through the products, and have set my mind on quite a few. But more on that later.

It was great to see the lovely PR ladies Daphne & Catherine and Amy who did my makeup at the previous event. Not forgetting the "new guy" Jonathan.

As Benefit's Brow Queen Hilary Foote sy, "No matter what's going on, women want to look and feel beautiful." With 30 years of brows-shaping experience, the San Francisco-based company opened its first Brow Bar in 2003. At current count, there's more than 500 bars waxing women worldwide, whether it's a need for a brow arch, tweeze or mini makeover.

2 Brow Experts each wth over 10 years of experience at creating beautiful brow arches, Maki Ho & Wing Wu flew in from Hong Kong to conduct the workshop, and shared with us ways on how to achieve the perfect eyebrow shape and make your brows look groomed and fabulous. Did you know that the thicker your brows are, the chances of marrying a rich husband are higher? Σ(゚ー^*)

Bloggers in attendance were treated to a "Wow Your Brows" session. I was led to their Brow Bar, and each session lasted around 15 minutes. The standard procedure is to sign a Release Form, acknowledged that you're not using any stated eye treatment prior. All customers will be given a slip of pre/post-waxing tips, so do remember to prompt for one should you not receive any.

I am really happy with the shape my brows were given, they are very close to my natural arch. Trust me, the WAXING was painful and will not send you shrieking like that 40 Year Old Virgin... (  ^ω^)

Benefit's Brow Bars are available at Sephora Ion (6509 8254 ext. 111) and TANGS Orchard (6235 5953)

brow arch - $22
brow & lip - $ 31
chin & lip - $25
chin - $17
lip - $16
brow arch "buy 3 get 1 free" package - $65
brow arch "buy 5 get 2 free" package - $110
brow + lip "buy 3 get 1 free" package - $93
brow + lip "buy 5 get 2 free" package - $155

In my BeneGoodie Bag:
- "Brow Bar: Drop in Now..." badge
- Brows A-Go-Go - brow and eye shaping kit
- Lust Duster in jelly roll (icy lilac) - shimmering loose powder for eyes & face

I was complimented on how "clean & neat" my brows were, big props to Mel Phua☆ As mentioned earlier, I reached the venue first and took my time browsing through the Benefit products. She walked over to offer her assistance and I churned out loads of questions with her answering each and every one of them with patience. She also shared some beauty tips, like advising me to try concealing with a brush which I did today. Wow, her method really worked! During the workshop, she came out of nowhere and helped me with my brows and did my waxing too. Very swift work, I must say. She did not make me feel intimidated in any way, unlike many other BAs I've come across. If you ask me, she needs a raise~.

If you're considering to get your brows groomed, head down to TANGS where Mel will be stationed. Remember to mention me, Joyce September, as your referral.

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  • I have tried the waxing before and it is very pain!
  • I think it goes down to the skills of the waxer and your tolerance of pain XD

    AtelierGal 於 2010/06/29 23:05 回覆

  • kenwooi
  • waxing is scary =P
  • its apparent that men have a low pain tolerance LOL

    AtelierGal 於 2010/06/29 23:19 回覆

  • Dee
  • She sounds like a sweet person to talk to. Glad you had a nice experience and you're brows look awesome.
  • ilyana
  • You get so many invites to all these events Joyce! So lucky! And she's right - your brows are nicely groomed ;D
  • Come back and I'll bring you along ^^

    AtelierGal 於 2010/07/02 14:35 回覆