Last month I'd attended the opening of TOUCHE™ Elite, and was invited back last week for a facial. After the Clinical Derma-Scopic Skin Diagnosis, I was told that I had good skin though areas around my nose & chin areas are fairly dry. Also, I had a slight uneven pigmentation problem but was assured that it wasn't serious. (^▽^;)

Before we go any further, I was greeted warmly by the staff, particularly the manager
Melissa Han
, who doubled-duty as the photographer that day. And I would like to convey my gratitude to therapist , for making this facial experience very soothing & relaxing for me. Both ladies made a point to explain every minute details throughout the 2hr++ session☆

ELITE 24k NanoGold & Pearl Skin Regenerating Treatment from Japan
The meticulous treatment starts with an aroma press massage, followed by deep cleansing procedures.

Thereafter, I had my virgin go at Skin MicroDermabrasion Therapy (lol) It exfoliates your skin by using multi-degree diamond tipped wand through continuous scrubbing and vaccuming the top-most layer of the skin. It helps to improve uneven skin coloring and aging spots, superficial acne scars, sun-damaged sking and aging fine lines, dry rough skin and large pores.

Next came the dreadful Extraction process, which to my surprise, doesn't really hurt that much at all! My therapist tackleed every spot of congested zits, including those unseen ones but her super eyes can spot them and she expertly pops them gently.

While she applied a solution to treat the bane of my life aka pimples, at the same time, I had my brows trimmed! So random right? After which, I had a too-vigorated-for-me massage, I thought my fragile chest would concave from all the pressure (lol)

My therapist then placed 24K nano-gold leaves on my skin. Dubbed as the ultimate path to anti-aging from Japan, this Nano Techonology uses luxurious 99.99% 24K esthetic gold to allow skin cells to regenerate and naturally heal for a younger, healthier and fairer skin with a TOUCHE of blush.

This 24K Yellow Gold Leaf of 99.99% purity is made possible by unique research and development over the years. Silver, copper, and other fungi-containing impurities are removed to the greatest extent to produce pure gold leaves that are kind and highly effective for the skin.

Pure gold has the magical power of identifying and rejuvenating weakened parts of the skin.

Instead of using hot steam which could result in broken capillaries, cool air was ultilised instead which was the most enjoyable part of this facial experience. I had mentioned earlier that I have a minor sinus problem and Huiting was considerate enough to place a cotton pad to cover my nose. Maybe I could paste one on my nose from now on, that way I can sleep with the Air Conditioner on without getting my nose runny in the morning.

See how the cool air breaks down the gold particles? My therapist then proceeded to massage the gold leaves into my skin and they miraculously dissolved and disappeared into my skin. I have GOLD IN MY SKIN!! σ(^。^;

I was further treated to a supreme Nano-Gold Mask Therapy and was told this is one of the most expensive around~ Σ(゚ー^*)

It contains Pearl(that blocks out UV Rays), Placenta Extract(eliminates oxygen radicals), Ginseng, Vitamins A, C & E,  and extracts of Green Tea, Algae & Gingko.

This treatment activates the skin metabolism, repairs damnage cells, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, and improve blood circulation. It also stimulates collagen and brightens the skin, resulting in enhanced radiance and suppleness.

At the end of the session, I felt rejuvenated and slightly light-headed due to the massage(my fault, too vigorated for my own good). The entire session was revitalizing, but I would like it more with better played music. The background was too soft and I actually relax better with my favourite songs in my ears. Overall, I was in excellent hands, and there was no any hardselling tactics that I have seen with many other salons.

Exclusive to my readers, you are welcome to try this ELITE 24K NanoGold & PearL Skin Regenerating Treatment from Japan @ S$68 (UP S$588) which includes:
- Clinical Derma-Scopic Skin Diagnosis
- 24K Esthetic Gold NanoPLUS Skin Treatment
- Anti-Fatigue Brightening Eye Therapy
- Precious Pearl Optimizing Skin Therapy

Available exclusively at TOUCHE Elite 6221 6612
402 Orchard Rd #01-13 Orchard Hotel Shopping Centre Singapore (opposite Hilton Hotel)

Terms and Conditions
- Valid for first-time customers aged 21 years and above only.
- Strictly for residents of Singapore only.
- Quote - "JoyceSeptember" upon appointment
- Advance booking is required
- Please present I/C for verification purposes.
- Not valid with other offers, services and promotions.
- Treatment(s) to be done on a single visit
- The management reserves the right to change the above conditions without prior notice.
- This offer is valid till 31st August 2010.

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  • kelvin
  • Wah, wat a good enjoyment^^
    They treats ur face 2hr non stop?
  • No lah, they left me alone 15mins at a time for my skin to absorb the goodness. Go try :)

    AtelierGal 於 2010/06/09 21:05 回覆