My dear Milo is 9 months old today!!! I love the number 9.
Both of us are September babies~♥♥♥

Precious has grown up to be a poser. The other day we found him standing against a large mirror, staring at himself! 很爱美!!

He's also willing to sit still for us to get as many Picture-Perfect shots as we want (lol)

He likes to channel Puss ALOT - should get him boots to complete the look!

Look at those eyes - makes you wanna swim in them (lol)

I love you, Baby! ┐(´3`)┌


This just happened minutes ago! I spotted a Mama lizard with a baby on her back, on the floor. Next thing I know, Milo chased them and they hid under the couch. After checking them out, Milo bit the mother and all I could do was going "AHHHHAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

OMG! I have raised a MONSTER!! He attacked the mother, her tail came off and it was still wagging away!!! 5 minutes, she is officially dead and I have no idea where the baby is.  The Mama is covered in Milo's saliva... he almost followed me into my room. People, I'm in peril!!! (つд⊂) 

He was 'nice' enough to 'reunite' the tail with the carcass (lol)
Poor thing died with its tongue stuck out X.X 

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  • JLean
  • Hey

    Dropping by ere .. =). Smiles. have a great day yeah. Do drop by to mine yea
  • ohmywtf
  • lol

    well, my cat is a damn good killer too :-P
  • kill what? lol

    AtelierGal replied in 2010/06/01 13:40

  • kelvin
  • Arghhhhhh, i am afraid of lizards!!!!!!
    My hair is standing now X|
  • you are a man, yet you're afraid of lizards?! :O

    AtelierGal replied in 2010/06/01 13:39

  • kelvin
  • A man has his weakness too...i am afraid of cockroaches and lizards T T
    I rather lock myself inside a cage with lions and tigers...T T
  • oh really? we shall lock you in the lions' den.

    AtelierGal replied in 2010/06/01 14:38

  • domncroxd
  • Cute! : ) happy birthday to Milo and yourself!
  • Milo says thanks!

    AtelierGal replied in 2010/06/01 19:17