I rarely keep track of the gossip scene, especially the ones in Asia. The headlines themselves are enough to make me grimace; misleading and over-exaggerated. I was just reading up on the press conference for "Ip Man 2" and questions were asked about Donnie Yen's personal life. 1 meager on-topic mention and the rest of the article...go figure. Dear Macho Man, I don't need to know about you buying tampons for your wife. Ahh~ imagine him in a middle of a duel with Sammo Hung and shout "CUT! I need to go to the supermarket and buy tampons!" The horror of horrors - that image will pop up in my head whenever I watch "SPL" or "Ip Man 2."  (TДT)

Same thing - if I show up to talk about "Fright Night" and you ask if 2012 is going to happen, I will set harpies on you! Didn't your lecturers teach you to STAY ON TOPIC when writing thesis? TSK!

Of course, there are scandals that are too hard to miss, unless you spend 39 days on some 'ulu' location vying for a million dollars. That's a different story. Sidetrack: JT, you are the dumbest contestant yet; who gives the immunity idol to a villain and expect him to keep his word?!

When my friend tried to do some gossiping last night over at MacDonald's, I almost wrote her off but it turned out to be something disgusting enough for me to blog-rant. This despicable man who called himself Wing. What kind of a name is that? Maybe he meant to pronounce it as Wayne in Cantonese or he just simply likes to eat chicken wings... I don't know nor do I want to find out!

Apparently, this douchebag made a disastrous joke on April Fools' Day by posting intimate photos of his ex-girlfriend. Is he trying to be the next Edison Chen or what? Wait, there's more - he publicly said she wasn't chaste when they did the deed.

It's bad enough for a guy to brag about his "prowess" to his peers, but to the enthusiastic media and general public?  If any of my exes dare to mention the slightest thing about me to anyone, it will be some ferocious creatures a trillion times worst than harpies that I will set on you! Mark my words♥

Someone needs to explain to me what's the fun of camwhoring yourself in your birthday suit. Unless you're trying to capture yourself basking the glow of motherhood like Demi Moore, that I approve. I'm starting to sound like an old fogey - is this the norm now? If so, I rather remain a spinster!

According to my friend, he's not all news-worthy prior. Well well, dear friends, let's give a round of applause and welcome the latest Media Whore, Mr Wing. cluck Cluck CLUCK!!!

Pimping yourself out to the media isn't exactly new, the objective is to stay in the spotlight. Often for the wrong reasons. Anyone remember the "commando" frenzy starring Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and Britney Spears? And those perverted photographers...they keep aiming and shooting at their crotch areas, why the hell weren't they arrested?

You don't really need to be a real celebrity to front the tabloids covers, as long as you have something DELICIOUS to entice the appetites of the masses. Start preparing your womb so that it can churn out 8-10 babies at one go, everyone will want to find out EVERYTHING about you. Once the moolah starts coming in, you can have all the plastic surgeries you want to make yourself look like a real superstar!

When you have those 8 cash human cows, secure a reality show and then in order to get ratings soaring high, have your Snorlax of a husband to admit an affair with a dumb blonde. After getting your divorce details splashed on every magazines, remember to inform the public how long you have remained celibate, like what the now-ex-Mrs Snorlax did.

If all else fails, take a cue from the Heene family by hiding your kid somewhere on Shutter Island and then set off a hot-air balloon.

The methods mentioned above have been tried and tested(not by moi!) and proved to be very effective. Otherwise, latch yourself to a man of status and try not to lament how wrinkly he is. He will probably summon whatever energy he has left and smack you across the room. Ooh, another great reason to stay in the spotlight, no?

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  • Hahaha, i think i know who are the ppl u talking about XD.
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