For those who knows me well, I don't do New Year countdowns. Couple of minutes before the clock turns 00:00, I would jump into bed with my pillows under and over my head, waiting for the world to rapture. I believe the end of the world will happen. Someday. No one can predict the exact date, but it will happen. It did with the dinosaurs, so it will happen with the human race. My fellow Aliens, you better watch your behinds or you'll be hopping "OUCH" all over the place!

Since we have no idea when Judgment Day will happen, I assume it will be the time when everyone's making merry and busy bragging about their pretentious resolutions - that's when the cunning Hades convinces shiny Zeus to let loose on humanity and punish us for the slaughtering of dolphins, the decaying infrastructure and education system etc.

So if my calculations are right and when TEOTWAWKI (The End Of The World As We Know It) eventually happens, I rather die in my soft bed than getting into a stampede with herds of drunk banshees running nowhere to save their lives. 

Everyone seems to believe the Mayan prophecy, that 2012 is the end of the world. December 21st, 2012 to be exact. Now, the Mayan's concept is just an ancient pre-science interpretation of time. 2012 is when the Mayan calender ends...the end of one cycle and the beginning of another. I can't wait to hear from the horse's mouth -those promoting these nonsense- the lame excuses they can come up with as to why the world didn't Ka-Boom!

2010 sure started out with a bang(no pun intended), with major weather problems, HUGE earthquakes, the Sun getting all fired up, volcanoes erupting etc. And here's my original intention of what I meant to blog about: Charities and raising funds to help those caught between in the clashing of the Titans *roll eyes*

I used to volunteer to paradewalk around my neighborhood to sell flags in my school uniform. Back then, we were raising funds for the Singapore Red Cross Society. When I say "back then", gosh, people were damn generous BACK THEN! I have uncles and aunties slotting money notes into my tin. Without any hesitation. These days, before you can even finish asking "Hi, would you like to donate to...," people on the streets will shoo you like a fly! 

To be honest, I don't blame the current mentality of my fellow Singaporeans. Everyone was willing to fork out some money to help those in need, eg. the sickly folks who couldn't afford to pay for the extravagant hospital bills, and the lonely elders being sent to nursing homes. But of course we need to have some black sheep to "balance the society."

I hate those unfilial pricks who send their parents away to be taken care of by unrelated but kind volunteers. What, you can afford thousands of dollars to employ a maid to babysit your kids but can't do the same for your aging parents?! Don't get me started on those who gradually stop paying bills - as a result, these nursing homes are appealing to the public for donations to keep up with their daily expenditure.

No thanks to a particular Buddhist monk who misappropriated funds, everyone have become conscious, "Where do my 50 cents go ah? You better make sure you don't go buy some club membership OK?" Personally I do not know any monks, other than those who knows Shaolin Kung Fu living in the fictional world of TV. I must say, this one sure knows how to live life to the fullest - luxury cars, race horses, club memberships. Maybe we should all go be monks and nuns, eh? I really want to use his head as a gong! F!@#$%^&

When it comes to charity shows, TV stations like to use celebrities as the main draw. Some years ago, having them performing stunts was a sure-win way of raising quick money. The more dangerous, the BETTER. These executives like to hang some celebs upside down like monkeys, or have them dressing up as Buddhas and jump over the Great Wall <-that's what I would like to see but no one else thought of that!

With the economic downturn, those TV bigwigs know that the secret of making money for charity is to minimize outlay. Preparation works for those dangerous stunts cost alot of moolah too. So what do they do? Get people to sing. Or maybe get them to do the Macarena and sing, whichever works better and faster to get the cash cow mooing. I know, the whole "let the music heal or touch your soul" sounds cliché.

The bigger the celebrity they managed to 'secure' for such fund-raising events, the more willing they should be to give their time for free. What the public look for from them are passion and the willingness to use their influence and contacts to appeal to the masses for donations. And it is the quality of time they give that makes a difference.

I'm sure there are many celebrities out there who are passionate about good causes and willing to give their time without demanding a fee. At the other end of the spectrum, there are those who rely on such events to create publicity for... themselves. Need I remind you about the recent charity fraud?

No matter how well-off you are, its the thought that counts no matter how many coinsmuch the amount is. But please do not lie about the millions of moolah you've donated, like "Paper Zhang!" And I can't fathom how some celebs can be so stingy with their money - sure you have to do your hair and go for facials, upgrade your living conditions blah blah... that amount of money you're donating, I can double that sum and I'm just a simpletini. Go figure.

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