Lancôme - 75 years of Beauty Excellence

Beauty is more than skin deep. Lancôme, a contemporary beauty brand leader understands this. It doesn't only make women look beautiful, it strives to make women feel beautiful too. It's why founder Armand Petitjean chose the rose to represent Lancôme as a symbol of feminity, creativity, and beauty.

Lancôme has become synonymous with breakthrough ingredients, brilliant textures and unique blends of fragrances and colors.

With a quest for innovation and innate understanding of the skin, Lancôme has reached major milestones in skincare such as Rénergie, Absolute, Blanc Expert and Génifique - all product innovations that have left an indelible mark on women's beauty today.

The same pioneering spirit goes into the make-up. From L'Absolu Rouge to Ôscillation, Lancôme's lipsticks and foundations boast outstanding textures and impeccable, consistent results.
It is also this daring and creative spirit that has inspired Lancôme's International Make-up Artistic Directors over the years to create such intrinsic and memorable make-up collections every season.

Lancôme's perfumers exude a passion for fragrance in the creation of scents with distinctive olfactory signatures as seen in Trésor, Miracle and Magnifique. Finally, the epitomy of beauty is revealed through Lancôme's global beauty ambassadors; from the stylish Daria Werbowy to the charming Elettra Wiedemann and elegant Kate Winslet - all just as unforgettable.

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  • ilyana
  • I love Elettra! She's got a wonderful gene pool being the daughter of Isabella Rossellini!
  • Anything that 'pops out' of her is a beauty LOL

    AtelierGal 於 2010/04/06 08:29 回覆