I ordered mine in February and really took my time in testing out the Vitacreme B12. The obvious results didn't show up overnight and this cream has slowly turned into something that I would use on a long-term basis.

I have been using this as my night treatment consistently and in 2 weeks, I noticed fine lines diminishing, improvement in elasticity and my skin felt really smooth and supple. As if I had understood Botox! The pink cream is light, smooth and absorbs quickly. It works best when you patiently massage the product into the skin.

The best part is - I wake up with my skin looking dewy and fresh, and it didn't break me out at all. However, it didn't do much in shrinking my pores nor reduce blackheads.

Rating: 4/5

Disclosure: I paid for this product and in no way was my review influenced by the distributor/manufacturer.

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  • Dee
  • Nice review! Would you say that this is safe to use around the eye area?
  • Yup! The texture is light and absorbs into the skin very easily!

    AtelierGal 於 2010/04/05 08:27 回覆