Grace and precision set in place daintily with poise, like a true ballerina.

I would like to thank the lovely Jol from JOL CREATIONS for sending me this pair of Rose Quartz earrings last week. Using Rose Quartz gemstones and clear crystal stones, don't they look exquisite?

Rose Quartz had a number of remedy benefits:
- Encourages self love
- Heals emotional body
- Eases heartache
- Relieves loneliness
- Releases repressed hurts
- Promotes forgiveness
- Offers inner peace

Rose Quartz itself is an excellent heart-healing gemstone carries a very gentle and soothing energy that provides comfort to anyone whose heart has been wounded. <-- *points at self*

Within a couple of days, it feels like I've been taken for a sky dive and then thrown down into the sea, to accompany the Kraken.

Give me a couple of days to pick myself up... (つд⊂)

JOL CREATIONS has just released an unique pair of earrings,  limited only to 1 piece.

Twinkle - S$22

A part of the night skies, dark blue sky with stars twinkling softly.

Twinkle is asymmetric - with the highlight on dark blue swarovski crystal heart decorated with tiny swarovski silver crystal beads.One side is a dangling long earring, another side is a hoop earring.

Twinkle measures 5cm in length on the left, 2.5cm at its widest for the loop earring and dangling chain of 3cm.

Isn't it gorgeous?! If I weren't mending a broken heart right now, I would have grab it (lol)

Disclosure: The Rose Quartz earrings were a gift but I'm not endorsed nor did I accept any form of payment to promote the items in this post.

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  • Very pretty dear!
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