Atelier Spotlight showcases some of the prettiest accessories, fashion and makeup, handpicked by Yours Truly.

Gracing the very first feature is JOL CREATIONS

Jol has a passion for creating "bling-bling" accessories which are elegant yet wearable for any occasions. Pretty sparkling crystal beads are her favorites! 

I admire her creativity with unusual new materials and styles, attracting attention through sheer elegance and beauty.

Check out some of Jol's most satisfied creations:

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Flutterfly - S$22
 This is a simple yet classic piece. Gold plated chain bracelet, adorned with swarovski crystal beads all round. Centre piece is a gold plated butterfly from Korea, vibrant wings of delicate lace. So beautiful, so graceful!
Flutterfly can be customized according to your wrist size, the butterfly measures 2cm by 2cm.

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Sentiments - S$28
 What's intriguing is the pink envelope: Who would still write a love letter these days? Gone are the days where pen pals across the world send aerograms, and the excitement of opening the mailbox waiting for 'that letter'. Instead, with a click of the mouse button, communications across the world can be done almost instantaneously. Jol remains sentimental for a hand written letter, sealed with a kiss anytime.

This pair of earrings features 14k gold plated charm imported from Japan, peach colored acrylic flower with pink crystal, swarvoski rosewater crystal beads, cream pearls and tear drop briolette. 14k gold earring hooks and anti-tarnish wire used.
Sentiments measures 3.5cm on each side, charm measures 1cm (width)

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Passion - S$25
 When was the last time you felt your passion? Whether is it at work, your hobby or simply the passion to excel in everything you do, it is a feeling that we should never lose sight of. Listen to your heart, and follow your dreams, for we only live once.

Red fimo rose, swarovski crystal connector with red/clear crystal beads strongly urges you.
Passion measures 1.5cm at its widest and 4.5cm in length

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Supporting the efforts of independent artisans is a win-win situation. Not only does your purchase of a hand-made item help a passionate, hard-working individual thrive and be able to continue their craft, you end up with a truly unique, quality product that you'll know was made with love!

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So, go ahead, treat yourself to a special bauble! And bring a smile and a sense of satisfaction to the person who made it!

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Currently, Jol only accept local payment and deliver within Singapore. Drop her an email if you are interested in getting any of her accessories. They are are customizable and are limited to one piece per design, so get it before someone else beat you to the punch!

If you have a Facebook account, become a Fan of Jol Creations!!

Saving the best for last, AtelierGal(that's me!) will be organizing a 2nd Giveaway(YAY!!!) and Jol has kindly contributed some of her gorgeous jewelery so stay tuned to my blog for more announcement☆

Disclosure: I was not endorsed nor did I accept any form of payment to promote the items in this post.

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