Hey everyone!

I'm back from my ultra short vacation, slightly recharged (lol)
For those who wants to know, I was at Club Med Bintan, sloughing away at a secret project that I've been working on for years.

The room was decorated in bright orange, a visual treat nonetheless, and got my creative juices going. Hmm... anyone wants to volunteer to paint my room? (  ^ω^)

I spent the entire afternoon sitting on the fabulous day bed, trying to resist temptation by the beautiful weather outside. While being ushered to my room, I was mesmerized by the clear blue sky~ Ahh! This is paradise☆

Truth be told, I needed to get away from everyone, Milo included. I needed no distraction to concentrate and avoid my train of thoughts to be interrupted. But as much as I enjoyed the solitude, barely 12 hours later I miss Precious already...

  This morning I got home to a lukewarm response from my furry friend. He sat a few feet away from me, with his ass facing me the whole day! I would have called if you were able to talk. I have missed you too! 

Half a day is over and Milo is now back to his antics, following me all over the house. Dogs throw tantrums too _| ̄|○


好久没以中文跟大家打招呼了,真的很不好意思啦! 小女子我,最近的心情可跌到谷底...而且连续几个星都睡不好呢~ 说我我就临时决定出国,到印尼的民丹岛过一天. (  ^ω^)

我所住的房间很漂亮哦,我简直被橘色的墙壁给迷倒了! 而且天气超不错的,蓝蓝的天空,好像到了天堂斯的! 若永远待在那里有多好啊!!


今早回到家,他根本不理睬我,都不看我一眼~ 一整天就坐在一旁,屁股向着我呀!!! 若你能说话的话,我早就拨电给你了! 我也很想你的说~~

半天下来,小瓜已恢复到他原来的个性,我走到哪里他就跟到哪里. 咳~ 原来狗也会发脾气的... _| ̄|○

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  • kenwooi
  • dogs can be emo too =P
  • he must be having his period XD

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