Dubbed "Milo Brown," he likes to drag his beloved blanket along, everywhere he goes.

Milo has pretty much destroyed all his toys. Yes, he has either ripped them apart or bit large holes and were beyond repair.

Yes I've said many times not to buy anymore but... I just can't help it.
Think about it, imagine having nothing to amuse yourself with.

A world without music, movies, books *getting dramatic*
Okay, you get the idea of not having any sort of entertainment fun.

Yesterday I got him a bunch of new toys, this time with better quality☆
So sit back and see him go gaga!

I've been jamming to Lady Gaga's "Telephone"
Can't freakin' stand Beyonce!! (;`Д´)≡⊃)

Since my post about Vitacreme B12 on Monday, I have received many inquiries on where to purchase them.

I'll be getting more for my friends and am currently trying to consolidate orders. So if you are interested, head over to wordpress for more details. International orders are welcomed.

Do help spread the word around~.

被称为 "Milo Brown," 这小瓜去到哪里都喜欢咬着被子走来走去.

买给他的玩具Milo统统都咬坏了! 不是咬了个大洞就是撕到碎烂...

生活在一个没有音乐、电影、小说的世界 *开始紧张起来*


Lady Gaga的《Telephone》超好听的,但受不了Beyonce!! (;`Д´)≡⊃)

自从周一透漏了买Vitacreme B12之后,


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  • ilyana
  • Aww I wish I could order but I don't think it'd arrive fast enough before I fly off to Australia :/
  • when are you flying off? Together with my friend, we are providing free postage, which means you only pay for the product itself.

    Plus, it takes less than a week for the delivery, and I could pass it to you if we do a meet-up which we should before you fly off lol

    Do help me spread the word around, yah? That way more discount and if we get enough orders, we could pay lesser :D

    AtelierGal 於 2010/02/03 18:46 回覆

  • Dee
  • Ahhhh, I can't believe I didn't read this before! I just placed an order on Ebay for a pigment and I promised my BF I won't order anymore, lol. I really want to try it out! I'll definitely help spread the word, but how long are you planning to hold this?
  • Everyone is welcomed to place their order, so it will be opened until there's no interest lol


    AtelierGal 於 2010/02/04 13:56 回覆

  • xjion89
  • omg, Milo Gaga is super cute~~~hahaha~~~