I went GaGa-oohlala♪ at the new 4-storey Forever21 outlet, but only had time to visit the first 2 floors. Aah~ couldn't find the top I'd set my eyes on so settled on this black floral tunic in the end. No Small size available, got Medium instead... Got 3 pairs of ear studs for the price of 1 and a piece of chunky necklace too. That's enough clothes and accessories for now.

REGRET I suddenly realized that there's no occasion to doll myself up. What was I thinking? Why do I have to shop for new clothes for?! (´ω`)

: I re-purchased ZA Concealer Perfection, one of the best I've ever used to conceal my dark circles. Also, their new range of eyeshadow paIettes caught my eye. The Dramatic Eye Color series come in 5 shades of 4 gradations each. I've got mine in Blue. Earlier I'd bought a single eyeshadow color -which I forgot to include in the picture- that's almost the same shade of the darkest shade from the ZA palette. It ia a glitterish dark blue color and I promise to do a swatch soon☆

SPLURGE: I finally received my Cartier LOVE Charity Bracelet in red! Moment of truth - I've always been proud of my slim wrists but yesterday, after trying to adjust the bracelet for hours, I really want to bang my head against the wall. Literally. (/。\)

Lastly, I finally own my first Stila product - Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer!! YAY!! Often I would mix my liquid foundation and Red Earth's Secret Potion to create my own tinted moisturizer but I just want to try this out after hearing so many raves.

Gosh, I have burnt a huge hole in my pocket in one day! (つд⊂)

(Another picture taken on Monday)

哇呀呀! 今天花很多钱呀~ 我可怜的口袋破了个大洞啦!!

后悔 我突然醒悟 - 根本没有场合能让我大盘自己,我到底在想什么啊? 我干嘛去买新衣呀?! (´ω`)

大手笔今天终于收到订购的红色Cartier LOVE 慈善手链! 一直以来我都以我瘦得手腕为傲,但昨天花了几个小时弄到好想撞墙啦! (/。\)

最后,我终于买到了我第一个Stila 产品哦!!

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  • cr3ap
  • A burn in the pocket

    Lol, it sure make a big holes in the pocket shopping for cosmetic things for girls huh. Really could finish up the whole wallet just for the sake of beauty.

    Regards from cr3ap
    <a href="http://cr3ap85.blogspot.com/">http://cr3ap85.blogspot.com/</a>
  • Ask any girl, there is no such thing as having ENOUGH makeup & skincare products :) We splurge while you guys just stare lol

    AtelierGal 於 2010/01/21 22:31 回覆

  • 悄悄話
  • ilyana
  • I used to use the ZA concealer back when I was in school before I switched to MAC because my undereye circles are terrible so it was the only thing that covered it well then.
  • I've been using Missha & Rimmel but they are in pot & stick form and it's a hassle warming them up everytime I use it. Prefer liquid everything. Haha! It's easier to blend.

    I was very tempted and was close to splash US$32 on Kevyn Aucoin skin enhancer yesterday but my suitable shade was OOS.

    AtelierGal 於 2010/01/22 10:52 回覆

  • Shanghainese Dumpling
  • Eye Cream

    Oh your friend is very right about the eye cream, I was going to do a review about this one and the EL eye cream after I've finished it, i didn't feel much difference but I haven't started using the EL eye cream yet so I'll need some more time to compare them :)

    I have joined your site too :)