I was introduced to Aaron De Mey when I'd attended the exclusive Lancôme Declaring Indigo Preview upon invitation last July. Dubbed as a Makeup Magician, the New Zealand-born now serves as Lancôme International Artistic Director For Makeup.

From the Pink Irreverence Spring'09 to the Declaring Indigo Fall'09, now he presents us: Ô My Rose! Spring'10 Collection. Σ(゚ー^*)

This Spring, experience the prettiest and most provocative shades. From the sweetness of soft corals, mixed with a playful pop of teal, to instantly update lips, cheeks and eyes… Ô my!

Take note that there are a couple of products that will only be launched internationally(except the US).

For instance, the Baby Kiss in Coral.
On his maiden trip to Tokyo, de Mey was given a geisha lipstick housed in a pot. When water was added and painted on the lips, it became dry and provided a matte finish. He then took this concept and turned it into Baby Kiss, a multipurpose product that can be used on the cheeks or add water to it for a more intense metallic effect on the lips. It can either be worn under lip gloss or worn alone. Housed in a mini box, Baby Kiss currently comes in coral with a light sparkle. However there will be different shades to come in the near future.

So ladies, any product that has caught your eye yet?

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  • Dee
  • Pretty! Adore the ad<3 I've always loved Lancome, expecially those color fever lip glosses, but dammit the price!
  • Yeah, the palette itself is pretty costly :/

    AtelierGal 於 2010/01/11 08:28 回覆

  • Toothfairynotes
  • nice

    pretty, the blush looks gorgeous. Though I'm not such a fan of lancome anymore as I used to be.

  • Hi there!

    I like to think I'm more a fan of Aaron De Mey lol

    AtelierGal 於 2010/01/11 08:30 回覆