Olay's White Radiance CelLucent technology ensures our skin attains close to its naturally light hue for a truly glowing fairness. The whitening essence formula contains vitamin B3 that penetrates down to the sun-layers of the epidermal cells and nautral whitening essence extracts helps reduce the appearance of discoloration.

This Olay White Radiance Whitening and Soothing Mask comes in a box of 5, and are packaged in single sheets inside air tight packets. I really love the exquisite packaging and the mask fits around the contours of my face very well, without the need to adjust to fit around my eyes, nose and mouth.

The essence is milky whitethat resembles soap and flakes of white fibres can be found on my face after the essence has dried. It gets a little sticky, but once absorbed my skin feels hydrated and soft.

As for the whitening effect, I can't say since I've been using the serum from the same range the day before and it produced great results the very next day. I kid you not! Stay tuned for a review☆

I will not get this again once I've used up my supply, to be honest I've used better ones and are so much cheaper.

Rating: 2.5/5

Disclosure:The product reviewed in this entry are based on the opinions &experiences of the author. This product was a gift with purchase of another product which was purchased by the author of this blog and in no way was this review influenced by thecompany, nor accepting any form of payment nor benefit.

I spent this morning re-organzing my beauty, makeup & hair products. Look at how much sheet masks I have (lol) Realized after taking the picture, I forgot to include the Olay masks, but nevermind.

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  • Blair
  • Sweetie, I've never seen some of your masks! Which brands are they from?
  • They range from Neutrogena, Watsons, Lioele, Skin Elixir etc ^^

    AtelierGal 於 2010/01/06 16:16 回覆