I was about to post up a review today but some ignorant person pissed me off in the morning and I had to scrape everything.

This morning, an Aussie accused me of docking of Milo's tail for vanity. FOR MY VANITY! Apparently I'd trimmed off his tail so that he will look good in my photographs. WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS NONSENSE?!

Obviously, the Jack Russell on the left isn't Milo, I just want to show the length of an undocked tail, and Milo's.

I'm more hurt than angry by her ignorant words! Many dogs are docked at birth, BEFORE any potential parents have any input. Milo's wiggle was docked off before he arrived at my home, around 2months old. So how was I to know what ordeal he went through from birth to the time we met. Seriously, I can't even bear to picture that horrendous scene in my head! (つд⊂)

4th day into the New Year and I've already some wacko barking up my tree. Throw some confetti!! (;`Д´)≡⊃

Anyway, I bought a new chew toy for Baby, one that squeaks which he likes. But he bit into one cotton and headed straight to the stuffings inside within 15 minutes.  (ーДー;)ヾ



I've been included by Dee to do a "Once Upon A Time" tag:

1. Post a picture from your childhood (less than 13 yrs old).
2. Write about the picture.
3. Tag your friends and readers.

  <-- Click for a bigger resolution
Taken at a theme park, here's me at 6 years old sitting in a bridal sedan. Now all I lack is a hunk (lol)

Tagging: Lane, Blaire and anyone who are interested.

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  • Blair
  • Urghhh ignorant people! Just ignore her sweetie!!!

    You look so cuteeeee! *pinches your cheeks*
  • Thank You sweetpea.

    I don't get why people loves to pinch my cheeks, I look like a fishball >.<

    AtelierGal 於 2010/01/04 22:23 回覆

  • sherry
  • dogs

    I can't afford to have dog as its costly think of the injection and food they eat. I used to have dog but move away so dad giveaway also the dogs. :(
  • Getting a dog is not cheap, and then comes the vaccinations, food, treats, toys & time... you can probably buy a LV bag, though it's not fair to compare lol

    I'm single, so having a dog is great...now XD

    AtelierGal 於 2010/01/04 23:52 回覆

  • Dee
  • Aww, you adorable with the bangs dear!

    OMG, if I was there, I'd be all in that Aussie's face. Who would say such a thing? I hate people like that who think its okay to assume and blurt things out for the aske of blurting it out. I'd punch that person and maybe get arrested, lol. You know, I think I need anger mangement, lol.

    Hey, at least your dog doesn't go after socks and makes holes in every one, haha!
  • We keep socks out of reach, and I don't wear socks, just hate it lol. Why do dogs like socks? lol

    Thanks dear, that's the only 'hairstyle' I spotted when I was a kid because Dad was in charge of 'maintaining' my fringe lol Schools states fringe must not go below the eyebrows T.T

    Thank you for defending me. Now my arms hurt like crazy because I went shopping again yesterday XD

    AtelierGal 於 2010/01/05 08:21 回覆

  • kelvin
  • Ignore tat aussie. Some ppl just love to find trouble.

    U are cute in tat pic ^^
  • That Aussie was a friend or I thought she was..Sadly I have no idea why a grandmother would think that way and said such not very classy words

    AtelierGal 於 2010/01/05 17:17 回覆