1) I apologized if you got spooked by my giant eye (lol)
2) This was done in haste so I didn't apply concealor beforehand, but thank God for the eye mask I'd done last night☆
3) Thanks to my Mom's cellphone camera, I was able to capture this look way clearer than mine!

This was the reason why I got fed up yesterday. But my friends seem to think otherwise, saying my angst didn't quite show on my face.

The look was inspired by YSL 2009 Fall Collection but I slightly modified the colors with the options made available to me. So instead of using green which may seem appropriate for Christmas, I opted for colors that can be used for any occasions.

- draw black eyeliner(1) on lash line and smudge on the lids
- do a wash all over the lids and eyeliner with a silver color(2)
- apply black eyeshadow or a shimmery pigment(3) on the lids, avoiding the crease area. Since the NYX Black Pearl is highly pigmented, I opted to use it as a eyeliner instead
- for that extra kick, apply white shimmers(4) on your brow bone and at the inner corners. This gives your eyes the POP effect.

I didn't apply NXY White Pearl on my crease & brow bone, thus not reflected in the picture. No mascara too.

Note: Try to cut down the amount of shimmers if you're going to take loads of photos, because the glitters will reflect light and you'll probably show up with white flash instead of your pretty face.

Hope this tutorial helps in your upcoming Christmas/New Year parties

Oh, Santa please give me a camera for Christmas! I really have been a good girl this year~. (*^ー^*)

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  • Dee
  • Really pretty! That's white in the inner corners really brighten up the look!
  • Yup, and it's loose Pearl pigment *wink*

    AtelierGal 於 2009/12/21 08:27 回覆

  • BlovetBeauty
  • i have a nyx loose pigment too and I find that the shimmer and sparkle really shows up well in picture!!
  • but not at night though.

    AtelierGal 於 2009/12/21 14:28 回覆