As I was walking around my home trying to get things done, naturally Milo would follow me from room to room. When he finally decided that enough is enough, he simply settled at my doorway. He probably figured it's better to stay there since he'll know when I leave the room.

The first shot reminded me too much of the delicious Suckling Pig dish that you would often find in Chinese restaurants. To be honest, it's been many years since I last ate it... 。・゚(´□`)゚・。 But I'll never forget the crispness, especially the skin! *drools*

Well, guess I'll have to settle for Suckling Milo!! L(‘▽‘)/
RELAX, TAKE IT EASY I ain't gonna pluck his fur and grill him (lol)

在家中从一个房间到另一间做事情,Milo很自然地也会跟进跟出. 跟够了,他就决定躺在我房门中央.

第一张照令人想到 -- 乳猪!!
哇呀呀!我已经有很多年没吃了耶~ 但我无法忘怀那香脆的味道! *流口水*

现在...只好盯住乳狗咯!! L(‘▽‘)/
RELAX, TAKE IT EASY 我不会碰他一根汗毛的啦 (笑)

Snapped this an hour ago - Baby on his back, ready for a tummy rub!

I've ran out of spaces to hide in my home, ever since we started playing Hide N Seek. Gotta love the smile he displays when he managed to 'find' me...(  ^ω^)

一个小时前拍的 - 宝贝躺在背上,要我搓揉他的肚子!

但当他找到我时所漏出的笑容...好可爱哟!! (  ^ω^)



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  • Dee
  • LOL. Milo's too cute. You know, the only reason why I like eating suckling pig so much is because of the super crispy skin. I like the crunch! HAHA.
  • I want a 'suckling pig' when I come to your wedding!

    AtelierGal 於 2009/12/15 17:44 回覆