The postman came by yesterday, and got Milo extremely excited.
You see, all Milo thinks of if FOOD. He eats anything, not because it's tasty but to satisfy his greed...

Oh, did I mention he's getting FAT? Soon he will be looking like Garfield minus the color (lol)

Before you go shaking your head, Milo does his fair share of exercise, with me. I chase him around the house everyday. Yes, it's exhausting but it keeps both of us in shape so I'm not complaining. (^-^)v

Anyway, he fought with me over my Amazon package. He must be thinking "That must be yummy!"

I hate to disappoint him, but it's a not suitable for consumption novel☆

Hooray! I finally owned a Stephen King novel. My first one. I have read his books & seen the movie adaptations, but just never got set to buy any. The other time I had intended to get "Carrie" but got sidetracked by another title, which happens pretty often (lol)

I've read mix reviews about his latest novel "Under The Dome," released last month. The book is so damn thick and heavy, guess bringing to Starbucks is a big no-no... (´・ω・`)


对了,他近来越来越肥呀! 他迟早会像加菲猫,除了颜色外 (笑)
不过小瓜也有做运动啦. 我每天必定在家追着他跑~
这样的运动对我也有益,所以不会抱怨 (^-^)v

他一定是以为里头有吃的东西吧~ 呵呵!
看着他失望的表情...嗯嗯...是小说啦! 当然不能吃咯~

Yay~ 终于拥有Stephen King的小说了.小女子的第一本哦!
之前本来要买《Carrie》的,不过被另外一本书给'引诱.' 哇哈哈!!

《Under The Dome》上个月才刚发行,我在网上看过的评价有好有坏,很难决定买或不该买. 重点是,这本书超重的说,要带出去还真有难度呢~ (´・ω・`)

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  • BabyMocha
  • Milo is sooo cute!

    Pass by from Innit :) Have a nice day!
  • Thanks dear! ^^

    AtelierGal 於 2009/12/05 16:54 回覆

  • Blair
  • No way! He still looks as slim as ever!

    Eeep, Stephen King? *scary*
  • that's an angle shot, hun! don't be fooled LOL

    AtelierGal 於 2009/12/05 17:15 回覆

  • Dee
  • Him and my BF's pup should meet. She's our garbage disposal - she eats everything! LOL That pic is cute, he's so into the box and then you pull out the book and he's disappointed, haha. I'd love to know what you think of the book.<3
  • he eats paper too and that's frustrating and the mercury and all... dogs are dumb sometimes lol

    AtelierGal 於 2009/12/07 08:21 回覆