Neutrogena Pore Refining Peel brings you the dramatic results of a professional facial peel--without acid and irritation--to reveal smoother, fresher, more youthfully radiant skin in just one step.

With CelluZyme to instantly reveal fresher, more youthfully radiant skin. Dermatologists and skincare professional perform glycolic facialpeels to reveal healthier, younger-looking skin. Neutrogena helps youexperience these dramatic skim revitalizing benefits at home with the Advanced Solutions Facial Peel. This breakthrough, rapid retexturizer is proven safe for at-home use and contains naturally derived CelluZyme technology, which works with your skin's natural pH to gently revealnewer, fresher skin, immediately, skin feels incredibly soft and looks more youthfully radiant. Dermatologist Proven to: Instantly improvesskin texture, tone and clarify. Transform dull skin into vibrant, radiant skin. Smooth away the appearance of dry, fine lines.
Help stimulate surface skin cell renewal.

Direction for use:
Using this twice per a week, I smooth a thin layer over cleansed, dry face. Leave it on for 10 minutes. Before rinsing, I massage the skin with water to activate the microexfoliants. As the product may be drying forsome, follow up with a rich moisturizer.
It does a nice job of making my skin look and feel smoother with minimal irritation. There's some notable flushing of the skin which indicates increased blood flow, with a slight tingling sensation.

I'm also using the toner from the Pore Refining rage containing Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Formula.
The former sweeps away dead skin cells and smooths over rough, uneven patches, while the latter penetrates deep into pores to visibly reduce their appearance for clearer-looking skin.

Some warning, the microbeads might be alittle harsh so if you have bad acne and don't wish to irritate your skin further, try Burt's Bees Pore-Refining Mask.

Rating: 3.5/5

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  • Erik
  • You are gorgeous!

    Stop worrying about makeup...all those chemicals and crud at a high price. Pffft! you don't need that stuff. You are an amazing beauty! All you should do is drink plenty of water, clean your face and get plenty of omega 3's. You are beautiful and will never have to be concerned about any of the beauty products you speak of.
  • Thank You! You'll be glad to know that I emphasize more on skincare than on makeup. However I must say that the Elizabeth Arden are doing wonders to my skin, especially blemishes & scars. Pity they are on the high-end.

    Sometimes just consuming water isn't enough, sadly.

    BTW, I saw the Ant video at your blog a while ago. Very insightful, despite my hate for ants.

    AtelierGal 於 2009/11/13 09:09 回覆

  • Dee
  • Aww sweety you didn't have to get it for me quickly! You didn't tell what you wanted! I can't seem to find that post, lol. Email me? Maybe you and I can the eyeko cream with boy shop? Haha. I don't think we have that in our neutrogena line. Have you tried their new lipsticks?
  • Here -

    Neutrogena products here are extremely limited to just skincare products, and there are not many. I love the mango balm but no longer available too :(

    "can the eyeko cream with boy shop" - what? could you repeat lol

    If you love the Eyeko cream, I can give it to you. I would love to try the grapeseed cream :)

    AtelierGal 於 2009/11/13 11:54 回覆

  • Blair
  • Neutrogena has a peel? I must be living under a rock all this time haha~ Dang, I feel like trying it out!

    Do you know of other drugstore brands with peels?
  • I've used Loreal's before some years back but it has been discontinued. I love the moisturizer that came along with it... pity though.

    As for others, I'm not sure :(

    AtelierGal 於 2009/11/13 13:02 回覆

  • Dee
  • I meant would you like to exchange the body shop highlighter with the eyeko cream. I was online with the iphone and I think it correct some of my spelling. damn iphone! LOL If you give me the eyeko cream, I'll get you the Merlot Cream. I hear that they have a limited edition size for 4 bucks and its a nice size too. I'll email you the rest!