I headed down to the Elizabeth Arden head office today to meet the friendly PR, Liz. It was supposed to be a short 30min introduction to their launch of the Prevage Anti-Aging Moisturizer, but our chat over-ran for an hour (lol)

PREVAGE Day Ultra Protection Anti-aging Moisturizer SPF 30 PA++
With a broad spectrum SPF protect, this product aim at moisturizing and improving the appearance of dry skin, evening out your skin tone to create a brighter, more radiant look.

Idebenon: The power of PREVAGE®
PREVAGE® Day includes the revolutionary Idebenone, a clinically proven antioxidant that addresses the affects of oxidation on the skin, which is a leading cause of visible signs of aging. PREVAGE® Day also contians Thiotaine, another antioxidant that complements Idebenone in protecting the skin from free radical damage caused by environmental assaults.

So be sure to check out the launch of PREVAGE® Day at the local EA counters this coming Friday!

I was given a 7-day trial of both Day and Night cream; the full-sized products will given later due to a delay in shipment. On top of that, Liz was kind enough to give me Fortifying Capsules from the White Glove range! σ(^。^;

This White Glove skincare range is specially created for Asian women.

Each capsule contains a pure form of Vitamin C:

- Encapsulation technology offers time-released brightening benefits
- Minimizes the look of freckles, dark spots & discoloration
- Promotes skin a radiant, even-toned, translucent complexion
- Sustains natural collagen levels for a smoother, firmer skin
- Vitamin C content helps repair skin to reduce appearance of fine lines & wrinkles
- Suitable for even sensitive skin

My skin condition has gone berserk with the arrival of Milo. Bacteria, his poo & pee have been drivin' me nuts! Nowadays I put on my Japanese Kimono silk robe (nothing else underneath besides lingerie) to bed to avoid sleeping with his smell & germs...



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  • Blovet Beauty
  • u have a pretty side profile! i loved using their vit c capsules, so I am pretty sure this whitening range should be mighty good!
  • Thanks! I love how the blush showed up so naturally, its not photoshopped ^_^

    I'm loving the Day cream too, 8 hours on and my face is still smooth & supple!

    AtelierGal 於 2009/11/11 14:20 回覆