So we got a dog during the weekend... Family calls him Holicks, but I call him Milo~.

Apparently he needs someone to watch him snooze to dreamland.
Otherwise he will growl, and that kept me up the whole night.

That's not all - he growls whenever he poos & pees... just to gain attention (つ(エ)⊂)

Itfeels good to be followed around, I must say. He needs to be in thesame room as me, and doesn't wander around...yet. Having someone by myside, I like that feeling even though he doesn't understand a thing Isaid.

Earlier, he curled up and slept under my chair☆ I had toremain still the whole time, for fear that the rollers will crap up histiny feet. But as I stood up cautiously to go the bathroom, he awokeand followed me (lol)

So right now he's having fun with his chew toy... GOOD, because he bit me this morning! (´・ω・)ノ

Seriously, I'd rather play with my Nintendogs.

上个周末我们的家来了只狗...每个人都叫它Holicks, 而我给它的名字是Milo~.


不止这样 - 它大小便也会叫,就是要引人注意... (つ(エ)⊂)

坦白说,被跟来跟去的感觉是不错. 我在房间里,它也一定要与我一起,也不到处溜...
有人,虽然目前是狗 ,觉得还蛮幸福的,它听不懂我说的话,也无所谓.

刚才,它睡在我椅子底下☆  我连动都不敢动,担心轮子会弄到它的脚.
当我很细心地站起来想去浴室的时候,它竟然醒来陪我一起去 (笑)

现在它在嚼着玩具...好险,它今早咬了我的手呀! (´・ω・)ノ

嗯嗯,玩Nintendo DS 的Nintendogs比较没压力呢~~

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    hehee.. I wonder whether ur new pet will get confused with 2 names.. personally I like milo better. Oohh can't wait to see what u won from laneige!