Stayed up last night for the LIVE broadcast of Michael Jackson's memorial.
Once the casket was brought into the stadium, my tears were uncontrollable.

As the show was about to end and tears seemed to have dried...
Michael's daughter Paris made an impromptu declaration of love.

Started again, and still do every time I see this heartbreaking scene.
The event ended around 4am, but slept 30mins later since I was still sobbing.

The music of Michael Jackson filled most of my childhood.
Its been nearly 2 weeks and everything still seems surreal.
I was half-expecting him to jump out of the casket and say "Hey, MJ's back!"
Or turning into a zombie and doing the "Thriller" dance. (´・ω・`)

Mum loves this video alot, whereas I prefer "Beat It."
This video never fails to crack me up every time.

Pay attention to the guy in the white jacket - hilarious! (  ^ω^)

Now Michael Jackson can teach God to do the moonwalk☆

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  • xjion89
  • omg, i really dun believe he is gone.

    His songs were the best....
    R.I.P MJ