Clinelle Moisture Glow is my current Holy Grail!
Living under a hot climate, my face often show signs of oiliness very quickly.
But using this, my face stays hydrated & matt the whole time!
Really! 5 hours later, my face still feel refreshed, not oily at all!

Today I headed to buy the full pack, and also the Skin Smoothing Scrub.
And also Clarins HydraQuench Smoothing Gel + Cream-Mask☆

I still can't bear to use my Lancome freebies, esp. Genifique.
"When are you gonna use them?" You might ask.
I seriously don't know (lol)

Alrighty~ I'm gonna continue playing the Half-Blood Prince PC game!
Happy 4th of July & enjoy your weekend! (^-^)v

Clinelle Moisture Glow是我目前的最、最爱!
真的呢! 5个小时后,脸上的肌肤还是看起来那个的有精神!

于是我今天就去买大盒包装,还有同个产品的Skin Smoothing Scrub.
还有、还有Clarins HydraQuench Smoothing Gel + Cream-Mask☆

"那么你何时才会用啊?" 你一定会问.
说实话,我真的不知道 (笑)

好了~ 我要继续玩哈里波特第6集的电脑游戏咯!
祝大家有个愉快的周末! (^-^)v

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  • Dee
  • That's great you found a product that works great for you! I'm pretty sure we don't have that here. So is your face completely matte, or does it still have some sheen to it?
  • Matte. This moisturizer is really good under humid weather. If you want, I still have some left from a travel-size tube.

    AtelierGal 於 2009/07/08 08:45 回覆

  • lala

    Hi!I've been using Clinelle Moisture Glow exactly 16 days now.I'm falling inlove w/this product.Aside from the fact that it really moisturize, it doesn't leave a heavy feeling bec. it doesn't contain mineral oil.The best part is it makes my skin glow.
    I'm doing the 3 step skin care regime.I can't believe how it makes my sensitive,oily,pimple prone skin in control.^_^ I only break out occasionally due to lack of sleep.
    Hmmm,im planning to purchase Clinelles smoothing scrub but before I do that can u review the product? tnx.ur review will be helpful
  • It's a very gentle scrub in gel form. Not a good exfoliant, IMO that I don't see it removing any dead skin cells but a great choice if you have zits on your face and you don't wish to accidentally pop them.

    Nowadays I use it to calm down the redness around my zits

    I love this range, though I'm still deliberating whether I should get the Booster since I think the Moisture Glow is adequate for me.

    AtelierGal 於 2010/01/08 11:05 回覆

  • lala
  • Clinelle snowhite mask

    Hi! I was wondering if you tried clinelle snowhite mask?If yes,the instruction tells that you apply it and let it sink for 20 mins. Is it possible to use it as a sleeping mask,wash it the next day?Im in awe of how it moisturize and brightens my skin.hope to hear from you

    tried the smoothing scrub.yeah ur right I didn't feel that it really exfoliate my skin
  • I've heard from many it doesn't do much for your skin so I didn't get it.. Do not use it as a sleeping pack unless indicated!! Try TFS Raspberry roots Sleeping Mask, I've posted a review sometime ago.

    AtelierGal 於 2010/01/25 17:54 回覆