This is one of my fave childhood movies - Clash of the Titans.
Couple of years ago I learned that a remake is in the works.
Filming will finally begin later this month~!! o(^o^)o

I've never like remakes so hopefully it won't disappoint.

I'm very curious which actor would portray Calibos. Σ(゚ー^*)
Even though it's a remake, a new character has been added to the story.
Ralph Fiennes will star as Hades, ruler of the underworld.
Liam Neeson will play Zeus, first portrayed by the late Laurence Olivier.

Mum used to play this movie to keep me occupied while she cooked in the kitchen.
She will be excited to hear this news☆

My fave mythological creature is Medusa~.

Clash of the Titans》是我童年时很喜欢的一部电影.
没想到,这个月底就会开拍囖~!! o(^o^)o


很好奇谁会饰演Calibos这个角色呢! Σ(゚ー^*)
Ralph Fiennes将会诠释Hades,就是阎罗王啦
而Liam Neeson会演绎由Laurence Olivier在1981年原著里的Zeus.



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  • lms
  • weird you like medusa. shes the one with snake hairs right?
  • That's correct :)

    AtelierGal 於 2009/04/11 18:19 回覆

  • Hp
  • haha icic...
    me recently play resturant city in facebook ^^
  • ann
  • Calibos look so frightening!

    Nice movie suggestion
  • xjion89
  • omg, i love the movie back then, It was so mystique~~~~~hehe, tat is not a mango tree~~~ it is a 薯叶(^^)