I tend to skip live performances of "海闊天空" after Wong KaKui's passing in 1993.
Discovered this gem couple of days ago and it's pretty good.

Okay, gotta admit I'm biased to Ka Kui's vocals.
That's the main reason why I don't like the other members singing the song (lol)

This performance was taken from "Beyond The Story Live 2005" farewell concert.
Unlike others where their vocals go awry, I kinda like this one☆

The highlight of the video is the guitar performance by Paul Wong.
Enjoy~ o(^o^)o


这是主要的原因为什么当其他的团员尝这首歌的时候,我都没兴趣 (笑)

这现场演奏是来自「Beyond The Story Live 2005」的告别演唱会.

Enjoy~ o(^o^)o

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  • lms
  • the one with funny hair...he sound weak LOL
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  • quite ok~~~ ori is still the best!!!