I've been a very bad girl lately.
Eating too much chips, now my skin is paying the price...(´・ω・`)
Okay, I guess I'll have to limit my snacking down to a strict minimum.

By the way, don't these chocolate muffins look delicious?
They will be gone by the time you read this message♥

You know, lately I'm so so into Michael Jackson~.

When I first heard "Dirty Diana" a long time ago,
I went like "OMG I didn't know you got this great song Michael! You're incredibly cool!!"

"Beat It" kicks ass, seriously.
Currently I can't get "Human Nature" outta my head~
why? why?...da da da da da da da da...why? why?


嘿嘿~ 这对巧克力蛋糕看起来很引诱吧?

知道吗,我最近非常非常迷Michael Jackson~.

很久以前当我第一次听到《Dirty Diana》的时候,
我的反应就是"我的妈呀! Michael你怎么有这么棒的歌啊! 你真是太厉害了!!"

《Beat It》,他的另一首畅销歌曲无人能比哟!
目前我一直在唱《Human Nature》~
why? why?...da da da da da da da da...why? why?

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  • lms
  • Ah! I see you listening to PYT

    Nice taste!

    King of Pop

    See ya online tomorrow
  • Sweet dreams~~

    AtelierGal 於 2009/03/14 23:59 回覆

  • Hp
  • haha..yea today damn damn crowded....i was stuck at cityhall...
  • I manage to wriggle my way out, since I'm kinda small-size lol

    AtelierGal 於 2009/03/15 00:27 回覆