Been battling an unbearable migraine since yesterday.
Make it stop!! (つд⊂)

I'm watching the 81st Academy Awards right now...
Heath Ledger won the Oscar for his portrayal as The Joker!!
Tears started streaming down my face before Kevin Kline introduced him.

I'm gonna go lie down and rest now~.

快爆了啦!! (つд⊂)

Heath Ledger 因饰演The Joker而得了最佳男配角哟!!


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  • lms
  • feel better babe^^

    i'll have to watch the repeat tonight
  • Ann
  • Cute Picture
  • Hp
  • haha...the love letter thing inside nothing much...just a note on some compliment only...xD
  • At least it's a "Love Letter"

    I want one too... lol

    AtelierGal 於 2009/02/23 20:29 回覆