Saturday - 2 hours before closing time, only a couple of breathing souls in the Post Office.
Do you know how annoying it is to queue for 30 minutes, just to mail out 3 gifts which only takes me 5 minutes tops? And I'm peeved that I have to pay 10 cents extra for each [Air Mail] stickers, which I never need to pay for before.

I still have yet the courage to get those cards which allows you to voice-record, though.
Maybe next time☆

Next on my agenda was to head straight to my bookstore, the one I buy most of my books (lol)
I went straight to the Young Adult section, grab my book and made my way gleefully to the cashier. ヽ( ゜ー゜)ノ

It doesn't disappoint!! σ(^。^;

I spent the night reading till my eyes turned moist from too much yawning.
And when I start rubbing my eyes, it's an obvious sign that I should go to bed whether I like it or not.

Sunday - Starting from Chapter 16 at 10am, I read it all the way till 1pm.
I ended up with a bad flu, my nose looking like Rudolph the red-nosed Reindeer.
After 3 whole hours of sobbing (it's not exaggeration!), my chest felt extremely heavy that it's hard to breathe. I'd kept all the weeping sounds inside me that they cluster & form into a huge rock, sitting on my chest. (ノ_・、)

It's not the first time that I'd cried while reading, but I have never done so for 3 hours straight!
The last few times I've cried so hard when when Marley the dog had died & the ending of "My Sister's Keeper." Also when Dumbledore died and the Hogwarts gang talked about it in the hospital wing, and when Dobby died! (つд⊂)

Thank God I found this novel, another gem that I've read this year!

星期六 - 在邮局关门之前的2个钟头,幸好没有很多人.
现在每一张[空邮]贴纸要加付一毛钱,以前都不用的! 气不气人呢?!


接下来我就直奔到书局,直接拿了小说就兴奋地到柜台付钱. ヽ( ゜ー゜)ノ

真的没令我失望耶!! σ(^。^;


星期天 - 早上10点从第16章继续阅读,一直到下午1点.
看完后,伤风就来了. 鼻子搓得红肿肿的.
泣不成声,把声音都埋在心里,貌似结成一块大石头压坐在胸口上. (ノ_・、)

边看小说边哭,不是我的第一次. 可是我从来没有哭了整3个钟头呢!
之前苦的原因是当那只狗Marley死的时候,以及《My Sister's Keeper》的结局.
还有,当我读到Dumbledore和Dobby死的那一刻... (つд⊂)


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