You might already know that I'm a crazy Supernatural fanatic☆
But I do watch other shows too, in case you think otherwise (lol)

CriminalMinds, Ghost Whisperer, CSI:NY, Medium, Burn Notice, Brothers &Sisters, Prison Break etc (Just to name a few of my favorites)

Another one of my must-watch is Grey's Anatomy.

Mum thought I was going crazy as I watched the latest episode in my room yesterday (lol)

Georgegot stuck with "Stan," a robotic patient controlled by Chief Weber. Allday long, poor O'Malley fought to save Stan's life as 'it' started tobleed here, there, everywhere!

So Mark "McSteamy" Sloan trying his best to "distract" Cristina Yang.
Derek "McDreamy" Shepherd couldn't get a good sleep, thanks to Cristina for her late-night chats with Meredith.

"Ineed you to have sex with Cristina Yang," he greeted Mark in themorning. Mark declares her unfun & not his type but relents withDerek reminded him that he had slept with his ex-wife, Addison.

Sothroughout the episode, we see McSteamy tryin' his best to flirt withan oblivious Cristina, who herself is distracted with other matters.

I can't wait to see how the Cristina-Owen relationship develops.
Cristina has been single for too long, ever since the heartless Preston Burke left in Season 3.

I love Cristina. Never mind that she's annoying and untactful at most times.
But as a friend, she's honest and never afraid to speak her mind.

I want someone like her as my "person."

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