I have a fixed routine when I wake up in the morning.
Totally flexible in case you might ask (lol)

Wash my face, brush my teeth, brew a cup of coffee.
Moisturize my face while waiting for the computer to startup.

Saturday morning as I walked back to my room with my mug of coffee...
...I saw my black pen on my bed. (☆o☆)

The very pen I'd used the night before as I worked on my writing!

Oh dear, I'd slept the night through without feeling a thing! w(゚o゚)w

Guess I was distracted by the chili crabs that I couldn't reach to_| ̄|○
The chili crabs I saw on TV in the afternoon (lol)

在你发问之前,我可是很灵通的哦 (笑)


...我看到床上躺着我的黑色的原子笔. (☆o☆)


我的天啊! 我竟然睡了一夜,一点感觉都没有! w(゚o゚)w

梦到了辣椒螃蟹但又吃不到_| ̄|○
就是下午看电视时的辣椒螃蟹呢 (笑)

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