I first saw this movie 10 years ago on HBO one morning.
2 songs caught my attention and I told myself to get the soundtrack.


You must be thinking: What a cheesy movie (lol)
Aren't your limbs itching to move along to the music?
Serious, I love this sequel more than Saturday Night Fever! (・∀・)

Honestly, I didn't pay much attention to the storyline.
The dancing was the reason why I watch the movie~

你一定在想: 这部电影好俗气哦 (笑)
听到音乐的时候,你的手脚会不会摇摆啊~ 嘻嘻...
说真的,跟《Saturday Night Fever》相比,我比较喜欢这个续集呢! (・∀・)


Co-written & directed by Sylvester Stallone, do check it out when you can☆

Sylvester Stallone指导、编写的电影,大家一定要找机会看咯☆

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