Despite the appeal of the lead actor and the skeptical horror element, was Mirrors worth the watch? Having seen the trailer, I concluded that it's a predictable B-grade flick starring the delicious Kiefer Sutherland.

The plot was just what I'd had imagined:
- Man gets a job
- Strange things start to happen
- No one believes him because he was on medication
- Murder of a family member linked to his new job
- Investigation on the premise's history
- Final confrontation
- The End

The horrifying & best part of the movie was Kiefer's sister's death scene.
Her reflection grips her jaw and begins to slowly tear it off, killing her.
I doubt any human is capable of doing that to oneself, but hey, this is a movie. (lol)

This movie has a minor theme of demonic possession, which I like~.
But I find that the horror element is way too overused.

Overall, it's an okay movie.

尽管有男主角Kiefer Sutherland助阵及恐怖为题材, 我一直在问自己: 《Mirrors》值不值得一看呢? 看了预告片后,我仍然心有余悸...

- 男主角找到工作
- 古怪、灵异事情开始发生
- 被人相信他,因为他有服用药物
- 因为他目前的工作的缘故,令到亲人被谋杀
- 开始调查工作地方的历史
- 正面交锋
- 结局

一个人应该无法这样自杀的啦,不过这只不过是部电影罢了 (笑)





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