I grew up listening to the likes of Bee Gees, ABBA, Journey etc
But it seems like my love for music begins with this☆

In 1990, Mum bought this Chinese compilation in cassette-tape format.
Due to frequent playing, it got damaged couple of weeks later (lol)
The next day, Mum bought another copy, also in cassette-tape format.
That very evening, Dad came home from work the CD version in his hands!

Yes, this CD has been with me through ups & downs for 18 years. (^-^)v

It introduced me to my Prince Charming, Andy Lau.
"If You Were My Legend," my first Andy song is still on my everyday playlist.

Hey! I've been listening to this song for 18 years! (´0`)~♪

And then there is Hong Kong's rock band Beyond.
That one song in the compilation hardly made an impact in my little heart, then (lol)

3 years later, lead vocalist Wong Ka Kui passed away.

The band was in Japan to promote their CD when tragedy struck.
They were filming a game show and he fell off the slippery platform.
Ka Kui's head landed on the ground first and fell into coma immediately.

6 days later, he was pronounced dead. (´・ω・`)

He wrote most of the band's greatest hits.
Most notably my faves - "光輝歲月" & "海闊天空()"

To me, Wong Ka Kui is like the Asian version of Bono.
His songs often address humanity & social issues.

15 years have come and go~.

"Why this topic?" you may ask.

Well, the band is coming for their final concert.
The last Beyond concert before they disband.

I took out my Beyond greatest hits CD and began playing.
The riff of "海闊天空" gave me goosebumps.

If you have read my blog regularly, I'm a fan of Journey's guitarist Neal Schon.
I love the sound of electric guitars☆

The piano & electric guitar playing of the riff captivates me.
I've been listening just that song in the last 2 days.

Awesome~!! (´ロ`)

Freakin' awesome!! (´ロ`)

我是听Bee GeesABBAJourney的歌曲长大的.

因为我常常听,所以不到几个星期就坏了 (笑)

是的,这张CD已经陪伴着我18年咯!  (^-^)v


嘿嘿! 我不知不觉已停了18年哟! (´0`)~♪

坦白说,在合集里那一首歌对我当时的小小心灵没有什么影响啦 (笑)


他的头部着地重伤昏迷,6天后宣布死亡. (´・ω・`)

他写了很多很棒的歌曲,当中我最喜欢也有我的最爱 - 《光輝歲月》 & 《海闊天空()》



"为什么突然聊起这个啊?" 各位应该很好奇吧.



若你有长期阅读我的部落各的话,你应该知道我是Journey的吉他手Neal Schon的歌迷.


厉害~!! (´ロ`)

太厉害了!! (´ロ`)

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  • x
  • paul's cd is more alternative than rock :p , i hope this gets thru :P
  • AtelierGal
  • Reply to: x

    you made it!! :D

    I'm not really into alternative rock, but I'll give it a listen for the sake of the guitar lol


    BTW, congrats on your engagement.
    Pretty innovative invitation :)
  • xjion89
  • I am also a big fan of Beyond. Anyway, I have nominated an award for u. Check it out(^^)