In the past week alone, I have seen many Paul Newman tributes online.
This morning, I saw another video, this time by FOXNews.

HELLO? Paul Newman may be sick but his heart is still beating!!
Geez, everytime I see a tribute, I thought I'd missed the "RIP" news!

Finally able to access my blog.

Pixnet's been doing some upgrading for a long time, longer than the initial 3 hours they promised.
Not long after, they lengthened to 24 hours and I still can't update.
I'm back, more than 48 hours later~. (^д^)

Please kindly update the new URL, and if you're using my RSS feed.

单单在一个星期里,我就看到很很多为Paul Newman做的怀念影像片.

各位,Paul Newman虽然目前病危,但他的心脏还在跳动耶!!



超过48小时后,我又冲出江湖咯~. (^д^)


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  • hangben
  • tot wad happened to ur blog for a while, realli like the new wording for ur nick.
  • AtelierGal
  • They upgrade their system lor!

    More than 48 hours, initially they said 3 hours starting on 19th Aug at 2am.

    Got me so fed up, and I still prefer the old system
  • Ging
  • Hi,what are you currently working now? and i like your blog alot.
  • AtelierGal
  • Hello there~ I'm not at liberty to disclose my personal information.

    Thanks for reading my blog^^