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Just take a good look at today's TV schedule! (|||」`□´)」

I know: the Olympics only happens once every 4 years. So is the World Cup.

A local sports channel was set up only to be shut down a few years later.
So what? That doesn't give an excuse to deprive people like me of other programs.

大家看单单是今天的电视时间表! (|||」`□´)」

我知道奥运会是每4年举行一次. 世界杯也一样.


Back in January, I was on a search for the book "Four Trials."
None of the bookstores I regularly go to has it. Now it no longer matters.

When faced with allegations that John Edwards had an affair and might even fathered a child.

His reply:
"I've responded, consistently, to these tabloid allegations by saying I don't respond to these lies and you know that."

He finally admitted to having an affair last week. I was disappointed.

This incident reminded me of the Jackie Chan's 1999 scandal. Till today he has never officially acknowledged his daughter. When he'd admitted to having an affair, all he could say was "I've committed a sin, just like every other man would."

That comment made me mad, to the point that I no longer respect him as a person. Sure, I still watch his movies' re-runs on TV, but they are unrelated.

Yes. No one is perfect. But literally dragged every man down with him is despicable!

早在一月份, 我到处在找这本《Four Trials》.
但是我常去的书局没售卖. 现在想起来,还真是幸运呢~.

John Edwards面对有关外遇,甚至有私生女的指控的时候,他的回应是:


上个星期,他终于承认的确有外遇. 哎哟~ 令我感到很失望.

这件事让我想起成龙1999年发生类似的事件. 今时今日,他尚未承认他的女儿.
当他承认有外遇的时候,他说这么一句话: "我犯了每个男人会犯的错."



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