Found time to watch Viggo Mortensen's "Eastern Promises."
Mafia - you would think of the Corleone family from the "Godfather" series.

This movie is about the Russian mafia, which is far more gruesome.
A smug-looking kid took a break from an ongoing protest to pee on a gravestone.
His throat was then slit by 2 professional killers.

That was karma ъ( ゚ー^)

Speaking of Russians...
Congratulations to Marat Safin on making to the semifinals of Wimbledon 2008!

昨天看了Viggo Mortensen 所主演的《Eastern Promises
黑手党 - 一定会联想到《Godfather》系列中的Corleone家族吧.


报应啊 ъ( ゚ー^)

恭喜Marat Safin 顺利经打进Wimbledon 2008年的半决赛咯!

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