This is evidence why Steve Perry rocks! ('-^*)v

There is absolutely no competition between Steve and Arnel Pineda.

In case you don't know, Steve co-wrote most of Journey's greatest hits.

Arnel, who? ┐(´ー`)┌

Besides Steve, pay attention to Neal Schon(guitarist) & Jonathan Cain(keyboardist who co-wrote the songs with Steve☆).

The performance was filmed in the early 80s, but my fave is from the Escape Tour.

这就是我强力支持 Steve Perry 的证据! ('-^*)v

在Steve 和Arnel Pineda 之间, 毫无竞争可言.

若你还不知道,Journey最红的歌曲Steve都有份写的哦~. ┐(´ー`)┌

大家也要注意 Neal Schon(吉他手) & Jonathan Cain(钢琴手,歌曲就是他和Steve联合写的☆).

我最喜欢的现场表演仍然是1982年的 Escape Tour.

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