My favorite band Journey had many lead singers after Steve Perry left.
One day they happened to be on YouTube and discovered this cover band.
The lead singer is now the official lead singer of the band.

An album of re-recorded hits had just been released.
I gotta admit Arnel Pineda sounded like Steve BUT(‼)
he sounded more like a wannabe and his voice really aggravates me!

Quit tryin' to be Steve Perry! (|||」`□´)」

I only kept the new version of "Who's Cryin' Now" on my playlist...
The only reason is Neal -amazing guitarist- Schon's guitar riff in the song.

The wannabe had to ad-lib in the beginning of the riff!
Freakin' ruins it! o(>_<)o

I am with Team Perry all the way!!

我最喜欢的摇滚乐团 Journey~.
自从主唱 Steve Perry 离开后,这么多年来一直在更换主唱歌手.
有一天他们在YouTube 发现了这个专门翻唱别人的歌曲的乐团.
现在那个翻唱歌手就是 Journey 的主唱.

虽然 Arnel Pineda 的声音跟 Steve 有点相似,但是(‼)

 你是永远不能变成 Steve Perry! (|||」`□´)」

我只保留了新编排的《Who's Cryin' Now》.
只有一个原因 - 那就是 Neal -最棒的吉他手- Schon 的吉他演奏.

破坏了我最喜爱的吉他曲啊! o(>_<)o

我会永远站在 Team Perry 这一边的!!

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