Knowingly that the movie will air later in the evening,
I played my "Ladder 49" DVD in the morning anyway.

When Jack got trapped in a dangerous situation, his fellow firefighters rushed into the burning building to get him out. When he realized that the only exit is cut off by raging fires, he told everyone to evacuate so no one else will be hurt while trying to rescue him.

That was heart-wrenching! 。・゚(´□`)゚・。

Later that evening, I cried for another round (つ(エ)⊂)

Quote from the movie:
How is it that firefighters run into a burning building when everyone else is running out. Courage is the answer.

If you keep yourself updated on current affairs, you should be aware of the earthquake that happened in Sichuan earlier this month.

I would like to take this moment to applaud the brave rescuers who risk their lives to save the victims, especially the parachuters. ^-^b

虽然知道傍晚会播映该部电影,早上我仍然看《Ladder 49》的DVD.


太感人了啦! 。・゚(´□`)゚・。

稍后在电视上播到那个镜头时,我又哭了一番 (つ(エ)⊂)

当人们从正燃烧着的屋子逃出来的时候,为什么消防员反而冲进去呢? 2个字: 勇敢


我借这个机会向奋不顾身,不顾一切地去救出生患者的勇士们致敬,尤其是跳伞员. ^-^b
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