It's been a while since I did some nail work.

None of the glitter polish seem to work the magic I was hoping for...

The one I'm using now is the 3rd bottle I bought within a month!
Results are better, though I hoped it would be more glitterish~
Glitter powder should be more effective (・_・)

Leona Lewis has been taking over my head the entire morning

keep bleeding, keep-keep bleeding love (´0`)~♪

When I woke up, the inner me kept singing the chorus.
Thankfully, it has stopped now (ーДー;)ヾ

I should get back 'to work.' No more procrastinating Σ(゚д゚|||)

Have a nice weekend, everybody☆

* Points at title*

I hope you're not expecting a dirty talk (lol)


我在想,若用亮粉应该会更好吧 (・_・)

一整个早上Leona Lewis的歌一直在我的脑海里

keep bleeding, keep-keep bleeding love (´0`)~♪

辛好终于停下来了 (ーДー;)ヾ

好了,我该回去'工作'了,不能再迟延了哦 Σ(゚д゚|||)


* 看着标题*

希望你们没想歪 (笑)

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