Everyone always complain about my handwriting.
It's so small that, in their words, "it's for ants to read!" (lol)
"Use a magnifying glass, if you must!" I always retort back.

I don't really care, though.
Besides, I'm proud that I can write in small fonts! σ(^。^;

The text are meant for my eyes only, I write however I want

Although I know I will need a magnifying glass as I grow older. (。・-・)

我写的字很小,他们常说"你的字是写给蚂蚁看的!" (笑)
“你要看的话就用放大镜啦!” 我反驳.

能把字写得很小也是一种驕傲,不是吗? σ(^。^;


不过我很清楚,将来年纪大的时候,一定得用放大镜... (。・-・)

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