Watch 4:55 of the video.
It's that exact scene which attracted me to Bruce Springsteen!!
Don't you find him & his voice masculine? o(^o^)o

I can repeat that scene many times and still get excited! (lol)

This song was written in 1985 by Michael Jackson & Lionel Richie.
During that time, Ethiopia was experiencing famines & droughts.
So a group of popular musicians got together to record it to raise funds.

I always feel an urge to cry whenever I listen to the song or when I watch the video.
Except when Bruce Springsteen is on screen (lol)

注意看video时间: 4:55
就是那个影像中的Bruce Springsteen,深深地吸引住我的目光!!
你们不觉得他很有魅力吗? o(^o^)o

我可以重复再看,还是会很兴奋! (笑)

这首歌是由Michael JacksonLionel Richie在1985年写的.

每次听这首歌,或看到music video时,几乎都会落泪.
不过当Bruce Springsteen出现时,我就会很high! (笑)

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