The more I look, the more I this peachy color.
Makes me look demure too! (lol)

Please do not stare at my thigh. (lol)

I was preparing dinner the later day and saw a sack of garlic.
The one thing that came to mind was - Are there vampires?! w(゚o゚)w

After saying that to Mum, I laughed non-stop!

I often wonder if vampires really do exist...
If any vampire is reading this, please contact me☆

A friend went to Jodi Picoult's book-signing event yesterday.
She said the ending of "My Sister's Keeper" will be changed in the movie!
When she confronted the producers, they said "Readers don't matter!"

(|||」`□´)」 Readers don't matter?!?!

We, the readers, make up the majority of the box-office sales!
I do understand that certain changes have to be made for whatever visual or commerical reasons.
But that remark is so damn disrespectful!! (o`з´o)

我越看就越 这个桃色指甲油.
颜色也让我看起来很淑女吧! (笑)

请别盯着我的大腿看. (笑)

我立即想的是 - 最近出现了吸血僵尸吗?! w(゚o゚)w


我时常在想: 吸血僵尸是否存在...

昨天有个朋友去了Jodi Picoult 的签书会.
作者说《My Sister's Keeper》电影版的结尾会有变动!

(|||」`□´)」 读者不重要?!?!

但那句"读者不重要!"真的把我弄火了!! (o`з´o)

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