It's been a week since Mas Selamat Kastari escaped from the detention centre.
The police strongly believe that he is still in the country.
They told the public that the suspect walked with a limp on his left leg.
2 days ago, the police said that Mas Selamat only limp when he's running or walking fast.

Only today the authorities revealed what the suspect had worn when he escaped.
Shouldn't these information be made on the day of the escape?! ヽ(´o`;)

The police reveals bits of important information every other day.
Shouldn't these leads be released within the first few days of the escape? ( ・`(ェ)・´)

I was watching the news a few days ago and it got me speechless...
There were calls from the public asking what the commotion was about!
Who was the man on the posters? What did he do?
If I am a foreigner watching the local news, I would laugh at our ignorance. σ(・・ ̄ )

Mas Selamat Kastari

有没有搞错啊? 这么重要的线索现在才公布?! ヽ(´o`;)
事发的前几天就该向公众和有关当局透露这么重要的资料了,不是吗? ( ・`(ェ)・´)

若我是在看新闻的外地人,一定会因为我们的无知笑掉大牙. σ(・・ ̄ )

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  • nung12
  • The police didnt want to frighten the public so they didnt give all the information right at the time Mas Selamat escaped. Maybe they hoped to catch Mas Selamat secretly and not telling the public about the escape. : P This is what I think...
  • it certainly didn't help much because it's been almost a month since his escape

    AtelierGal 於 2008/03/27 07:13 回覆